Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hi Ho Cow Patty *Giggle Snort!*

There are days, where you can't really think of a thing to write in a blog. You struggle and are reduced to daily activities, random thoughts or at times, nothing at all. Then, then there are days where topics are plunked into your lap as if out of nowhere. Before we get to that topic though, we will revisit one from yesterdays post.

Last night I couldn't fall asleep. I kept thinking. You see, my first thought with the anal plug was negative. I told Cael that once I'm up there it would be a different story, but here by myself... It would just make me growl at him. Which in all fairness, is still true. Then the thought popped into my head that it would be pretty hot to be ordered to insert it and leave it in until told otherwise. Hot enough I couldn't sleep. Everytime I closed my eyes I went off into fantasy land. Do you know how rare it is for my fantasies to include anal of some sort? Pretty rare. It may have happened once before. It was bad enough last night that I finally gave up on sleep and masturbated until it felt like my arm may fall off. Four orgasms later I drifted off to sleep and dreamt about anal. I believe I have a new fixation.

Now for the stuff that was plunked in my lap. The conversation, post and comment that lead to the title. Always finish off with the funneh.

I was talking to Sephani and she was telling me about the review she was writing. The following took place (edited for lengthy reasons) :

Serene: Haha oh I see. Is your hole too big and it fell right out? Inquiring minds *nods*
Sephani: *face palm* inquiring minds will have a review to read in a few minds
Serene: Inquiring minds doesn't want to wait. She wants to laugh now.
Sephani: laugh later :D
 Sephani: I just gotta the pics and then its all yours
Serene: Woohoo
Serene: *lays in wait on your page*
 Sephani: start your giggle engines now :P
Serene: *putter sput put purr*
Sephani: warning...there is a ninja in this post

Serene: You're taking forever! Don't make me flail!!
Sephani: sneeze attack :P
Sephani: it be posted!
Sephani: don't drink or eat
Sephani: read with caution
Serene: Do not touch the tea!
Serene: *smiles llike the grinch. Lips curling and hair parting*
Sephani: ROFL
Serene: You will from now on be known as cow patty and you will see why in a minute



*After she read comment I made on her page*

 Sephani: you fukin bitch! ROFL
Serene: You have no idea how badly I actually want to get you assless chaps now
Sephani: you have no idea how much I'd lick toes first :P
Sephani: well...probably not but you get the sentiment
Serene: Yeah, but I bet Karson could get ya in them.
Sephani: suck!
Serene : Haha maybe but it was hilarious
Sephani: true nuff :P
Serene: *wiggles*
Sephani: *makes faces*
Serene: I think I'll call my new post "Hi Ho Cow Patty *Giggle Snort!*"
Sephani: *face palm*
Serene : Well I was going to make an anal post anyways... that shit fits right in! (See what I did there? Ha!)
 Sephani: ROFLMAO I DO!~
And the comment in question?



serenesub | November 17, 2010 at 8:58 pm | Reply

Greetings Cow Patty. (If you don’t know what that means, I can’t help you.) Yippy – yi- ki- ay to you.

I for one would like to see you give this another shot. Perhaps when you come visit me we can get you some assless chaps, insert the plug and take ya for a walk outside. Don’t worry though, I’ll take ya down to the crik, you wont remember much.

Giddy on up,


Ps. I told you your hole was too big for that thing.

(And yes, I did fix a typo in there... it was bugging me.)


  1. I got yer yippy skippy ki ya right here!!!

  2. *Bends over and wiggles* It's a big puddle woman!