Monday, September 17, 2012

Splish Splash I Was Takin' A Bath

I was splishin and a splashin
rollin and a strollin
movin and a groovin
realin with the feelin

Splishin and a splashin
on a saturday night 

 Ahem. I'm done. Pervs honor that I will never sing to you people again. Today.

Have you guys heard of a company named They are an amazing adult store with a great selection of Luxury sex toys. I've been talking with them a bit lately and they've agreed to give me a shot at reviewing for them. After spending quite a while pouring through their site looking at everything they have to offer (Some of which I have never actually seen on other sites before which has excited me to no end btw.) I finally found what I wanted to review. They have in my opinion the absolute best bath salts in the world on their site. 

I can do absolutely nothing but rave about Kama Sutra Treasures Of The Sea bath salts.

 Obviously they turn the bath water an absolutely gorgeous blue color. Now, this picture was taken after I carefully mixed the salts into a bowl of water and gently mixed the contents of the bowl into the tub. Why was this necessary? Because these are not only amazing bath salts, but they turn into amazing bubbles if your water pressure is high enough.


The Kama Sutra bath salts come in quite a large tub with a real seashell as the scooper. I use about 2 1/2 scoops per bath however my tub is fairly large. Most people can get away with only one scoop so these do last quite a while. They contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the sea so things like algae and other various benefits of the sea arrive neatly at your door in a gorgeous plastic tub.While it does look beautiful it smells amazing. It does not smell like the sea but it smells very clean and fresh and like nothing I have ever smelled before and cannot get enough of.

The salts leave your skin moisturized and lightly scented and will have you and your partner wanting to get closer to you. The applications of this stuff are endless really. It's a great foot soak, you can use it alone, or you can use it with your partner, you can run it together or surprise them with it. Who doesn't like to be surprised with a sexy bath and a glass of wine?

My favorite application though? Go get a kiddie pool and fill it in the yard and let the sun warm the water or pour in a pot of boiling water and add the salts. Now, you could wear a bathing suit but if your yard is secluded or it's late at night, why bother? Take yourself or you and your partner on a little skinny dipping vacay to the sea and see how much water is left in the pool when you get out and just how many waves you can make. If you're like me there wont be a lot of water but many, many waves.

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