Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Freak Like Me

Are you all a freak like me? A Fleshlight Freak that is. Lately I've gotten more and more into just a standard dildo. Vibrations are awesome but sometimes something more life like goes a lot further for me. These toys are all made from silicone making them body safe. They are also able to be sanitized by boiling them in a pot of water which is always a must if you're going to be sharing this toy without a condom. The silicone itself is typical quality in that it's flexible but also strong enough for heavy thrusting.

My ultimate goal is to collect the whole line of toys (Gotta catch 'em all! heh.) and have them on display because they do have an amazing amount of detail. Now, because I am a firm believer in not having toys just because they look cool, they also have to function well at their job. I mean if you have a beautiful toy on display on a shelf it's nice.. but.. it's a dust collector. For me they have to meet their required function.

I was sent the Alien dildo and it by far meets it's function...primary directive to infiltrate the human form. What? These things are just awesomely punny!The box is arrived in was fairly large and it showed the Alien on the side as well as the rest of the line on the back. So, this isn't a very discreet box but if you're having it shipped to you it comes in a standard cardboard box anyways so that shouldn't be a problem.

The measurements of this toy are pretty impressive. This is definitely a toy for a size queen. It is over 7 inches long, about 6 of that being insertable. A circumference of over 5 inches with a diameter of 2. This is not a small toy. Here is it in comparison to the Tantus Cush (L 7'' , C 5.5'', D 1 3/4'')

Obviously this toy has some girth. What I didn't expect was the smooth feeling when it's inserted. Yes you can feel a bit of the detailing on it but it's done subtly enough and soft enough that it doesn't take on that irritating feeling that a lot of heavily detailed toys can have. For me, this is definitely a lube toy. I hate lube, I generally don't use it for anything other than anal toys but this one did need a little lube to go in comfortably. Of course that force of the girth in the this toy without lube can be appealing to those of us with masochistic tendencies and it does both beautifully.

I've began to use this toy when I want to be overwhelmed. There are many different types of orgasm and the ones I get from the average sized toys are good but they take time to draw them out. This toy for me falls into the overwhelm me category in that it does exactly what I've stated. It's wide enough that it overwhelms all the nerve endings inside of me and sets me off fairly quickly with no warming. It's just suddenly there.

The only complaint that I have about this toy is that it would be a lot easier to use if it had a loop on the end or a larger base on the other side of the testicles. I find that once inserted it can be a little hard to thrust because of the girth/drag ratio. The shaft of this toy is also curved just a tiny bit in the center and because of that it makes it uncomfortable to flip the top upside down and use the testicles as the handle.

Other than that this is definitely a start to a very promising and pleasurable collection. Thanks EdenFantasys!