Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It Comes In Three

I have been holding off on this post, wanting to heal a little bit before I had to write about it but come this morning that wound was just tore right the fuck open again.

A couple weeks ago my uncle died. He was in the navy when he was young and when he came back they didn't at the time recognize PTSD as an illness. By the time they did he was at the point where he refused help. He spent his life drinking, and trying to forget that of his whole  group he was the only one that made it out of the war alive. He drank a lot. He drank so much he shut his liver down. For the past few years we've known he was dieing, he's been on that brink for over a year. Last year we thought he wouldn't make it to Christmas. Well he did, he couldn't remember his wife, or where he lived or how to dress himself and he was hallucinating and seeing things that weren't there but he made it. Then over the summer they finally had a doctor take a good look at him and start him on pills and meds and he got better. Then he'd sink. Then he'd get better... and sink again. This went on for months

Then, this morning I woke up to find that my aunt had died. Not the one married to the uncle. This was my great grandmothers sister. She was a riot to be around and always scaring and playing pranks. Last time I visited her we cooked, and talked and she showed me her project.. she loved making wine.

So, that's two. Death in my life has always come in threes so I know there is another one lurking somewhere and quite honestly I am sick of this shit. So, I say to all my friends and readers and fellow bloggers, be careful out there!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Taste Like A Rainbow Giveaway!

Or perhaps a fruit salad. Ya know, it all depends on how you're feeling that day I suppose.

You all know by now that I work with EdenFantasys right? Well, being the awesome company that they are they have offered to allow me to host a giveaway for you all. I had a couple products to choose from but this kit right here intrigued me the most!

So, EdenFantasys and I are giving away The 12 Nights Of XXXMAS flavored lube kit! It features 12 little pillow packs of cherry, strawberry, and vanilla lube. If you've never used a flavored lube before or love using them for oral this kit is perfect!


Contest is open today, Monday (19 of November, 2012) to December 1st Winners will be announced on the second. 

There are 3 ways to enter:

Leave me a comment ..about anything. It could say "Hi!"

Follow me on twitter: Then come back and leave me a comment telling me you follow me, as well as your twitter handle.

Follow EdenFantasys on twitter. Follow same protocol as above. 

So, that's three separate comments, and three chances to win. If you comment and leave it all in one you will only get one entry.

This contest is open to absolutely everybody in the world. If you are reading this you are eligible to enter. Once a winner is chosen I will put up a post asking you to email me with your name and your email address. Or if you don't want to tell me your name just send me an email and I will direct you to the lovely woman you need to be speaking with!

Good luck everyone!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Thursday, November 15, 2012

*Meek wave*

The last week has been... a fucking disaster quite honestly. There have been good moment but there has been one continually horrible moment. I'll write about that when I'm ready though. I'm not yet.

In order to deal with this process and ignore my grief I have thrown myself into remodeling my bathroom. Hard. In the last week I've finished all the repairs and painted. It's a gorgeous colour, blue and grey and just.. pretty but not too feminine. I'm going in today to get some shelving to put up. There is one reason I need more shelving in this bathroom.


First of all, they have some amazing towels. Yes. I'm serious. They're 100% cotton which means they are good for your hair (other towels dry your hair out and make it frizzy and pull it out..especially with curly hair). Since I got these towels my curls have been a lot nicer.. plus the towels themselves are really soft. They are actually my favorite towels that I own. And they come from a sex shop. Which makes me happy in my weird place :)

The other issue? I'm kind of a product hoarder. I love lotions and body scrubs and soaps. They carry all of them and they smell AMAZING. This body scrub is absolutely amazing smelling. I literally moan in happiness in my shower and not because I'm doing anything dirty. Although, they also carry A LOT of waterproof products as well.

Not long ago I ordered the James Deen Cock.    It is now my favorite toy ever. EVER! It will be having some shower time later this week too. It's gorgeous and thick and *purrs* It feels good and it doesn't guilt you or talk back.. fucking win! Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh It's Been A Delight

Now, I've been holding on to this review for a while due to the fact this was not just a simple sex toy that you flop down or straddle over and go at it.

I was sent the NS Novelties Crystal Premium Glass Eggs. They're kegel exercisers and they are gorgeous. I was given the clear set with the pink swirl. Normally I am not a pink kind of girl but these just caught my eye and I couldn't leave them behind.

They are about 75 grams total which is about 2.6 ounces. So they're a nice weight. They are also very well made. There is not a seam, or bubble in these babies. They are gorgeous.

I've been using these for about three months in regular intervals now and I can definitely tell the difference. When I'm using a toy I'll intentionally clench down and pull on the toy. There is by far more resistance now than there was. I've also noticed that I orgasm a lot harder and pulling the toy out mid orgasm.. is not possible anymore because my muscles clench down too hard. ... as such I got thinking about it and used my hands and fingers. I gotta say, I'm a little jealous I don't have a penis now because the strength these eggs have given my vaginal muscles is insane. I haven't found that I need lube with these but I suspect greatly because they are glass they will get very slippery and be almost impossible to keep in. Think of an oil slicked slip and slide.. you will not stay put even with pressure. Because these aren't linked together at all they can be difficult to remove. I've had them on more than one occasion wedge themselves right up again my cervix and refuse to move. In which case you will have to go digging but they're can't escape so it's okay.

For somebody new to kegel toys I'd say to find something with a string but for those experienced women, definitely give these a try. They're perfectly shaped and weighted for use. I'm really hoping they make a heavier set of these so I can graduate to a heavier level.

Thank you for letting me review these awesome toys!