Thursday, November 15, 2012

*Meek wave*

The last week has been... a fucking disaster quite honestly. There have been good moment but there has been one continually horrible moment. I'll write about that when I'm ready though. I'm not yet.

In order to deal with this process and ignore my grief I have thrown myself into remodeling my bathroom. Hard. In the last week I've finished all the repairs and painted. It's a gorgeous colour, blue and grey and just.. pretty but not too feminine. I'm going in today to get some shelving to put up. There is one reason I need more shelving in this bathroom.


First of all, they have some amazing towels. Yes. I'm serious. They're 100% cotton which means they are good for your hair (other towels dry your hair out and make it frizzy and pull it out..especially with curly hair). Since I got these towels my curls have been a lot nicer.. plus the towels themselves are really soft. They are actually my favorite towels that I own. And they come from a sex shop. Which makes me happy in my weird place :)

The other issue? I'm kind of a product hoarder. I love lotions and body scrubs and soaps. They carry all of them and they smell AMAZING. This body scrub is absolutely amazing smelling. I literally moan in happiness in my shower and not because I'm doing anything dirty. Although, they also carry A LOT of waterproof products as well.

Not long ago I ordered the James Deen Cock.    It is now my favorite toy ever. EVER! It will be having some shower time later this week too. It's gorgeous and thick and *purrs* It feels good and it doesn't guilt you or talk back.. fucking win! Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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