Sunday, January 31, 2010


I warn you now, this post is a jumbled mess of thoughts. The fact that most of my thoughts follow this pattern is completely irrelevant.

Master phoned last night. I had hoped all day long that he would and I am utterly convinced that he phoned on his own accord. It had nothing to do with my 20+ attempts throughout the day to get his attention. Not a thing. I go through days where I am perfectly fine with him being busy and us not speaking a lot for a few days.  Than there are other times where I would give a favoured body part to climb into his pocket. He tells me I can’t live in his pocket, that I won’t fit. That may be but I am more than willing to try.

Anyways, back to the phone call(I sidetrack easily, you’ll get used to it). We spent a very small portion of said call talking about my diet and exercise. The diet I haven’t been doing bad on. Not great, but not horrible. The exercise on the other hand has been lacking. When I say lacking I mean it hasn’t happened in months and try as I might master says kegels do not count. I think they should, they’re called kegel exercises after all. I have to put together an exercise routine that lasts fifteen minutes twice a day. Can I handle more? Most likely, but we’re restarting me off slow. The last time master had me on the treadmill for forty-five minutes every day. I could do it, but after a week or so I ended up in bed for about four days completely unable to move. . Master told me that the time limit was so I didn’t hurt myself. I think he knew that I’d push to do whatever time he gave me so he’s being cautious.  If I remember correctly he told me “You’re my toy. You aren’t allowed to break my toy!” Turns out my warranty is the shits.

The rest of the phone call we spent playing around. He kept telling me that I was his and I belonged to him and continually made his possession very well-known. By the end of the conversation I was in a little submissive puddle, mentally, emotionally and physically. I love when he does that. I stay calm and happy for days afterwards.

Today I didn’t feel like doing much so I spent most of my time flitting around on the computer. I found a couple recipes I think master would like so I’ve filed them away for later use. I love to cook, having somebody to cook for is not helping the obsession.

Having some place to write is something I have been missing. I love to write stories (and draw) but I’ve had a severe creativity block. It’s been almost a year since I’ve actually been able to just sit down and write. I think with writing here it may slowly come back to me. It’s a good thing too, I was preparing to bribe my muse with nefarious acts and candy. ( This whole little girl role is starting to go to my head. I imagined my muse trapped in a cage spreading pixie dust everywhere trying to get out)

I have posts percolating and trying their best to form something of substance. Hopefully in the next little while I'll be able to work them out. They are still fragments of thoughts right now and are probably only coherent to me.

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