Monday, February 1, 2010

Everybody's bubble is a little off center

I was reading Kaya's blog and she tagged anybody who read the post, so here it is.

The 7 Weird Facts Meme :

1. I love pens. Coloured pens especially. I also have endless amounts of notebooks as I love to write.
2. I cannot be near master and not be touching him or being touched by him in some way. I'm beginning to think it's an addiction.
3. I currently have 9 piercings (was 10 but I had to take one out) and only one of them hurt me. This was the piercers fault, not the piercing its self. Yet, needle play freaks me right out.
4. I miss masters snoring.
5.  Seeing a mouse makes my stomach hurt, same with hamsters though I used to own one. I'm not scared of them, they just make me feel uneasy.
6. I apologize if I bump into inanimate objects.
7. I feel vaguely obscene when eating large carrots.

Since I'm new at this and don't know anybody well enough, I'm going to steal Kaya's idea. If you've read it, do it please.

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