Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All Dried Up & Tied Up Forever

I have been thinking about making this deep thinking post about topping from the bottom and the irony it induces. Then master phoned. He bought rope; my previous thoughts have been lost, but back to that in a minute.

Master has phoned three nights in a row I believe. There may have been a day in there where he didn’t phone but I cannot seem to recall. (Like I said, thought process blown.) The first night it was a short phone call, he was tired and I hate being the reason that he has to stay up so he ended up going to bed fairly quickly. It was a short conversation but I was still happy and bubbly by the end of it. Any time is better than none.

The second night… was a lesson in patience. (Really he just had work to do and decided to tease, the patience lesson was a coincidental bonus.) First he told me I would be getting a phone call soon. 45 minutes later he asked if I had the phone, 20 minutes after that he said he was coming, 5 minutes after that he asked if I was ready. 15 minutes after that I asked if this was a lesson in patience. He said maybe. 5 minutes after that I declared that I failed and the lesson was over. He laughed at me. 15 minutes after that he started to really tease…at which point I clued in and started to beg. I think it was maybe 5 minutes after my begging began that he phoned. I have a rule that I must be naked when he phones. At this point I had been naked for two hours. I was cold. After all the waiting and the teasing we actually got to talk some. We haven’t been able to do that in a long time. I missed talking to him and had forgotten how much I enjoyed  our conversations and the stupid things we end up talking about. Which of course eventually gave way to playing. He can’t touch me but I still have some of my best orgasms with him. By the time he was done with me last night I had bitten my lip hard enough that it bled a bit and was swollen. Screaming didn’t seem like a good idea with a houseful of people.

Which brings me to today. Today was good; I had a nice bath and dealt with an oral fixation all day. In all fairness I have one in general but it was worse today. By the time master phoned I was already in a horny puddle. The fact that I love his voice, especially when he’s tired (or mid-orgasm) it gets rough and *shivers*… <--- does that to me. We had a great conversation. We laughed; we talked about electrical play dildo toys. But, to be completely honest…I probably wont remember most of the conversation until some time tomorrow. Daddy bought rope. Everything else we talked about just kind of washed away after that. I can’t wait for master to come home!  He’ll be gone until Sunday now for meetings so I wont really get to talk to him but I can bet the whole time he is gone I will be thinking about rope. Master said if he has his way (schedules permitting) I will be tied up everyday. At the point of hearing that I did a wiggle of happy in my bed. Between the ropes and the spankings and flogging we talked about I’m pretty much on cloud nine. All I can think about right now is being tied up, having my ass and pussy spanked, my breasts flogged and a very come covered existence in my future. It’s a happy and bright future.

Master said he might even fasten me something out of rope to wear permanently. This was spurred on by the fact that I had a bath today and forgot to take off my chain. Seeing as how we aren’t sure what kind of metal the chain is this is not good. I’m torn on the whole forgetting thing. On one hand it’s not good that I forgot and very well could have rusted it. On the other hand… it’s constantly around my neck and has become a part of me so it didn’t even occur to me to take it off. (It comes off occasionally when it’s irritating my neck, whatever metal it is seems to give me a rash if I wear it and I get to warm and end up scratching then it progresses into more. But even then I take it off and wrap it around my wrist.) It would be nice to have something of masters constantly on me and reminding me that I’m his. I know that I’m his yes, but when he’s so far away I’d love to have something physical of his to remind me.

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