Monday, February 22, 2010

Ahh, sleep deprivation... not really, I'd just like a convenient excuse for some of the things I say.

Me:  I'm supposed to tell you that my uncle and his fiance would love for you to be able to come to their wedding... I'd like it too.. I'm contemplating a dress if I can find an appropriate one and I'm in control of drink tickets so I hope to get you drunk and take advantage of you 

Master says:   

I wish you luck   

I don't think I need luck, you tend to be horny anyways, it's one of your better traits :)   







  1. Hi! Thought i'd drop over to visit YOUR site! I've got less time (grins @ you) than you did today, but wanted to say hey, and i'll work on catching up on your backstory.

    is your Master away like in distance all the time...or on a specific time period job thing?

    just curious. oky.nosey. (grins) verrah nosey!!


  2. Pfft, not nosey; you're inquisitive. *nods head* I welcome it, it gives me something to do for a bit :)

    As far as your question goes, it's a mix of both.

    When he and I first met (via internet) he was 5 minutes from me, then he moved two hours away. Which really wasn't bad. His job keeps him super busy (and I may or may not have been scared about what he would think of me so I hid until he finally took my choice away and just decided he was coming to see me.) so I rarely seen him at all. After a while of this we decided that I should work towards moving in with him. Things were going great, I was adjusting to the thought of moving to a city (I live in a wickedly small town) and he had found a new job that he loved.

    One day he phoned me all excited about getting a promotion (the second of this job... the man is multi-talented*devious grin!*) and I was all excited with him. Until he told me he had to move to a city that was at the very least a five day drive from where I was.

    It has now been five and a half months... and he hasn't been promoted and he has no idea when he will be coming home. It's basically a waiting game now. We wait until he gets promoted/I wait until he gets fed up,quits and comes home.

    I has the pouts occasionally.

    *Edit* I'd like to add you to my blogroll if that's alright.

  3. *pokes* write moar!!!!! *runs off to her end of bloggerland*

  4. Haha, I've been busy! Okay, so I've been lazy....same thing right?

    But, you do know that you are like 1 of 3 people that read this blog right? (And I suspect strongly that atleast one of those other two may be your other personality)You dunts has the powa to force posts... I are in charge! *ahem*(Dont tell master!) I are Queen of my end of Bloggerland!

    Seriously though. One is coming.. I had an idea and it totally buggered off as soon as I sat down to write.

    Ps. I had a severe OCD cleaning moment today. I was vacuuming the cat house, it has fluffy carpet... and I vacuumed it all one way so it didn't have those vacuum streaks. I stopped and laughed at myself.

  5. Hey!

    Fine to add me to blogroll, and i'll recprocate....

    I think we've all been OCD cleaning out of sympathy of Sephi's situation! I stripped and waxed my kitchen floor, a task i've been putting off for months....

    now i wash it every night before bed!

    giggles....yeah, OCD


  6. Haha. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Everytime I walk by the little house now I run my hand over the top platform and fluff all the carpet up. Master's going to come back and think I lost my mind, which I strongly suspect will only confirm what he believed in the first place.

  7. Oooo queen of Bloggerland huh? (I almost wrote boogerland...)

    I keep a little faux leather notebook with me at all times so when I get a random flickering of my lightbulb, I can hurriedly jot it down. Course you have to carry a pen in said notebook as well otherwise you'll just end up staring forlornly at the pages and sighing wistfully as the idea flees out the other ear.

  8. I am oddly reminded of the cheshire cat and his motto:

    " 'But I don't want to go among mad people,' said Alice. 'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat. 'We're all mad here.' "

  9. Well just my end....I'm not that delusional.

    Yes, I can see where that would be an issue.