Friday, February 5, 2010

Comeback Rescheduled...damnit

As I have written about before; Master has me on a diet plan. The diet is doing fairly well. The exercise has, well, it's sucked. So Master told me to make up a plan for myself. It took a bit of thinking but I did it.

     Every morning I plan to stretch for a few minutes then do 15 minutes on the treadmill. I'm hoping I will eventually be allowed to increase the time. I used to love running and I would really like to get back to that. It's not really an option right now as I am out of shape and ended up hurting myself last time. Plus, my knee has a tendency to pop out and at this weight it seems more likely. Needless to say, it hurts. A LOT. Therefore, I am not yet willing to chance it.

     For my second 15 I asked Master if I could keep it open and he agreed. By open I mean having no set activity. I think having the same routine every day would make me lose interest. So I can now choose what I want to do in that time everyday. Yoga, or weights, or sit ups or whatever else I think of. Maybe 5 minutes of each. I'm not sure yet but I enjoy having that little bit of freedom. Chances are I'll still feel the need to ask if I can do the exercises I choose, especially since I am to text before and after an exercise.

     I think it's a good plan. I think it will work. I think I cannot wait to have somebody move my treadmill back out into the space I've created. I think my plans have been thwarted for today at least.

     I think I'm getting sick. Damn it.

     Isn't that the way? Get all excited about a plan just to have it deflate in front of you. Not only am I sick, but my treadmill is folded up and leaning against a wall. Behind a large heavy hope chest, behind a stereo system, behind a huge sectional couch. This is only added to by the fact that my treadmill is damned heavy and I can't lift it myself. I'm hoping to have help moving it either tonight or tomorrow. Most likely tomorrow.

     Since I'm feeling lousy. It's that feeling where you know you're getting sick but it's not quite moved in yet? I have that. I asked Master if I could stay in bed today and try to get rid of this before it really strikes. (Am I the only one thats picturing little germs with armour and pointy sticks?) He said I could and for the 33rd time I realized why I adore him so.

     So that is where I am. Cuddled up in my fuzzy sheets, watching "I Love Lucy"  and playing on my laptop.

    I got up this morning and had breakfast, which I ate about half of. This hot cereal fluff's and swell's a hell of a lot more than I was expecting. This morning seems to be a morning for too much. I made myself some mint tea with mint extract. Too much mint extract. At least it's clearing out my sinuses. I had a nice stuffed pepper meal planned for dinner. I am not up to making it. Thus, leftovers. Which I am not too broken up about. I made homemade broccoli soup last night. It's delicious and surprisingly low in calories. With an added benefit today, I don't have to cook.

(By the way, when I do the spelling check on here I come up with a lot of green lines. I am finding it funny that it keeps telling me that I sound too passive. I wonder why! Haha. )

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