Sunday, July 15, 2012


It's been quiet around here.. I know. I don't have a lot to say so I'm bullet pointing since none of this would really make a full post.

  • I seem to be going through one of those technology blips where I'm just not on it a lot. I haven't been writing here a lot but I also haven't really been on facebook or any other site. I also haven't been talking to a lot of people via text either. I'm in a happy little rut that consists of talking to Cael, reading, cooking, gardening and sitting in the sun. It's...restful and peaceful and happy which is something I haven't felt in a long long time. 
  • Cael and I have moved into a Daddy/little girl type feel lately. I've had trouble even calling him Cael the last few times I've written here. It feels more right to call him Daddy right now. For the most part it was a choice he made a bit ago and liked the taboo aspect. I do not have a little in me. I enjoy the warmth and protection and soft fuzzy feeling calling him Daddy gives me.. we both get what we want out of it. And it drives him up the wall so ya know.. works for me :) Thus if I refer to my daddy.. it's him. 
  • My garden is actually growing.. and by growing I mean going out of control. I have about 15 - 20 tomatoes waiting to ripen right now and enough lettuce to fill a Rubbermaid tub. My jalapenos and cucumbers seem to be coming along as well as my green onions. This is the first year shit is actually growing. I am beyond happy about it. 
  • I invested in some new friends recently. A bunch of garden gnomes... some faeries and gargoyles and they're just awesome. They all have a different personality as well. Believe me, I know this. 
  • I had pasta for dinner today. Which isn't a big deal but it's always the dish I make when I'm missing Cael. It just reminds me of him. He loves mushrooms and loves onions, it has both and is fairly close to something he makes it's just over pasta. It's homey and comforting to me. Which sounds ridiculous but it's true.

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