Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Ode To Tequila

Thursday was good. Very good. I spent the night with my brother and his girlfriend watching cartoons and eating pizza. It was relaxing and hilarious because my brother is 6'2'', almost 200 pounds and his girlfriend who is half his size can take him down in seconds. I got pictures for blackmail later on. After that I logged on to FL and started talking to a friend I hadn't talked to in months. Things evolved. By the end of the night I'd had 7 orgasms and my hearing and mobility had taken a hike.

I haven't had that many orgasms in MONTHS, let alone orgasms that were just there and didn't require me to focus as hard as I could on one thing so I didn't think of another. He helped that.. a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed it. After that I ran a bath and put in one of my Lush bath bombs  and sat for over an hour then passed out in bed almost instantly.

Friday, I woke up and... I was happy. I've been happy before that but it was a different happy. A content, calm, satisfied happy that lasted all day. I floated through the day not worrying about shit or being irritated by anything that happened. That night I curled up in a chair on the deck in front of the fire and had a few drinks with my mother.

I enjoyed my time with him enough it made the next day better, easier even. It reminded me that I am wanted, and that I can enjoy things with other people. I'm still in a pretty good mood actually.

Today I plan on grocery shopping because pretty much all we have in the house right now is corn. Then I'm going to phone Lady Di and see if she worked out plans to go into the nearby city with me for a day of shopping and drinks. I was just in the city the other day but it was a terrible shopping fail. Spent two hours in a car to go to the mall and spend $20. Granted it was at Lush but still. I'd wanted to find a few more things, as well as something for my niece. I'm hoping to find her a pretty little necklace or a ring. I'm not sure yet. My aunt got me a ring when I was a baby. When she was gone for years I knew she loved me and thought about me, it was important to me. My first real piece of jewelery and keepsake. My niece completely deserves that.

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