Thursday, December 1, 2011


So, I've been sick for a long ass time now. Feel like hell but I've gotten quite a few emails and one or two questions so I thought I should at least come on and update a little.

A quick picture update at that.

First off, see this?  These are my jeans. The bottom pair are my old jeans. The top pair are the jeans I just bought. A size smaller. I have a happy.

I got an email asking me about the color I dyed my hair. Now, it is faded..quite a bit actually. It's been months since I dyed my hair so it's more just a slight tinge at this point. Normally it's almost a candy apple-ish color when I first dye it. Next time I get permission to dye my hair I'll make sure to take a picture. ... and yes, those are my panties hanging off the laundry basket.

And finally, this is the sky in my backyard. See that coloring? That's the color it turned the day after about 7 fires burned out a lot of fields and houses and so on around us. They had finally put all the fires out and the smoke had cleared.. it's pretty in a terrifying kind of way.  If you look near the bottom left hand corner you can still see a little smoke.

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