Monday, January 30, 2012


So, since Cael is home (I'll address that in another post, at another time. Still adjusting to changes) I have been feeling about 10000x better than I was. As such I've been flitting on the computer more.

If you've been on fet lately you've probably noticed the explosion of snark. What? snark on fet?!  Somebody throw out the damn flag.

This particular incident is somebody claiming (To the Owner/Property, live in, no limits group no less) that no limits doesn't exist and those that claim it are a variety of slanderous words. I cackled. First of all this person goes out of their way to state they're abrasive from Brooklyn so ya know.. watch out. *Que trembling knees* I suspect greatly at this point it's just ridiculousness spewing from her finger tips in an attempt to live up to her profile and the image of herself that she's built up in her head and to her friends.

Ahem. Anyways,

I've noticed this elsewhere too. Directly pointed at me actually. I was told the way I was claiming to be owned by Cael is unhealthy, and not actually true. They were applying strict clinical, and rigid definitions where they had no business being. Not everything is black and white, there is always grey area. Just because you don't see the grey doesn't mean it isn't there, and it sure as hell doesn't mean you should debate with the person telling them that they're wrong because they don't fit into the mold you've placed that particular title above. 

The amount of people that go out of their way to stick their noses into other people relationships always amazes me. I know I certainly have better things to do.

Do I have limits. Yep. His. At one point I had some of my own.. but ya know.. I can't remember a damn one of them. It's something about the trust, and the love, and the commitment that for me eventually washed my limits away and replaced them with his. I know he's never going to do anything to me that is psychotic or serial killer worthy like so often is the argument against no limits. Maybe why the limits dissolved for me is because they matched up with his, even the silly little ones.

Or .. maybe I am just a stupid retarded bitch as claimed. (Funny how those with a weak argument resort to name calling to "prove their point")

(And yes I know Cael and I are doing the vanilla thing for a while, but I am still owned, still bound to him)

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