Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh Baby Shoot Me Now

I apologize for the lack of posting this month. You see.. I'm currently sitting on a dog. Not really, but I am dog sitting.... though with this dog I would like to sit on him. He is driving me up the wall. I literally cannot leave him alone long enough to shower.. or go to the bathroom..or run to my room to grab a hair elastic. This dog is the whiniest, clingiest most untrained dog I have ever met. I actually hate this dog and that kills me because I love pets.. and I spoil them and love on them but this one.. fuck me. He pees in the house, even though he knows to go outside and does ask to do so..when he wants to. He's recently taken to gnawing on the brand new four thousand dollar furniture. That shit was curbed quickly and unpleasantly let me tell ya. He's an attention hog.. I even go to pet my dog and he flips his shit. He will not sit by himself, he HAS to be in somebodies lap 24/7. He sleeps in his kennel at night.. once he barks and whines himself to sleep. Honestly I just.. ugh! This dog has ruined me for little dogs. I just cannot do it. My dog is sweet, and wonderful. She's quiet and house trained. She was a stray away from her mother too early so all she's ever had is human influence. I can tell her to take a toy to her bed and she will. I can tell her to clean up her mess and she does. I can talk to her like a human and she understands and listens. This little fucker? "No," is one syllable too many. I get that his owner spoils him because other than him she lives alone. But if he gets away with the stuff he's trying to get away with here holy mother of fuck. When I went away for the wedding a few months ago and left my dog here.. she pouted and flopped around the house for Lady Di. This one? No pout. Just carnage. I have two weeks left of this. I'll survive... the question is whether or not he will.

Thursday I went into to town and looked after my niece for most of the day. She cried for a bit then curled up on top of me and slept for almost two hours.. which is a huge deal considering she normally only sleeps for about 20 minutes. I love the kid beyond anything. It's ridiculous.

Lady Di and I have been going to movies at the cheap theater in town. ... which oddly enough is actually the nicer theater since they redid it. We've been having a blast. We're partial to cartoons though. So far I've seen Brave and the new Snow White. I much preferred Brave. Next week we're going to see what's playing and pick one to go to as well. Last time I was there with Elle, I got to see Beardsley. I was excited, I rarely get to see him. He of course would not come see my cartoon. However, for my birthday I may make him come see one with me.. just for kicks. I suspect the rant after it will be epic. I like other movies of course but lately I've been on a cartoon kick.. a break from real life.

My exercising has been going well. I'm losing pounds and inches.. and staying motivated. It's the longest I've ever gone and been able to stick to exercising.I am in love with the heavy bag. It's fun.. and exhausting. I've come out with more than one bruise on my hands. It's great for working out aggression. Just sayin'.

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