Monday, October 25, 2010

Behaving With Cael; An Oxymoron.

Today. I have managed to accomplish fuck all. (Remember that phrase, it will be amusing in a line or two.)  I did my previous blog post and spoke with Sephi, that is all.

I have attempted doing other things, I really have. The problem however, is that I can't get my mind out of the gutter. It's a warm, welcoming gutter. Every time I pause today, my mind wanders. It frolics through meadows, and down cobblestone streets. Whatever path it may take it ends up back at the same place every time.

That place, is Cael. It is a very sexy, lusty, need filled place. The place is evil. It sucks you in and refuses to let you go. It lures you with images and laughs as shivers run down your spine. Have I mentioned it's one of my favourite places and seems to take after Caels personality? Shocking isn't it?

I've been sitting here all day in a state of want, trying desperately to behave. Which, by the way was not helped when he text me... nope, it intensified it which at this point is a love/hate thing. 

Today, every single fibre of my being wants to be kneeling between his legs, whether he's clothed or not... that's the first place my mind goes. My face resting against his thigh, my eyes looking up at him. It's not even overtly sexual... it's submissive and it's melting me into a puddle today.

From there my mind goes having one of his hands in my hair, the other on my throat, squeezing gently. At some point my face gets buried in his neck, being able to taste and smell him... it's a definite happy place.

Sometimes I end up in his lap feeling him pressed up against me, Kissing and biting at any and every part of me.

Even now, with just my mind wandering and him at work... having no idea what I'm thinking, not responding at all, my body reacts to him. It always has. It's like he's had a direct line to me from the very beginning no matter how much I fought. He mentions things to me and my body reacts. It's like a jolt of electricity being shot through me. Thinking about his hands on me... it has the same effect.

He's told me before that he wants me to be so worked up about him that I become soaked as soon as I see him. I think he's succeeded, I'm just going to pray that my knees hold and I don't fall on my face.


  1. And that's all just from saying hi

  2. *taps on the shoulder* umm...excuse smug is hanging out. Might wanna zip that up there buddy...

  3. Awe, sweets... your smug is showing again. It's amazing how often it gets away from you. New leash perhaps?

  4. Nooo! Leave it out! ... oh wait, the smug? Yeah okay, the smug can be zipped up.

  5. I think our minds are just on zippers atm...blame Karson! or Canada...whichever you prefer *ducks*

  6. I think we should blame Karson, for you entirely... and for me.. only half. I may have driven my own mind there.

  7. eh why not, I blame Him for everything else :P if anyone buys my excuses is a horse of a different color though.