Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Day

Today, my brain liquified and leaked out of my ears. Anything I tried to do today just backfired and ended up taking a lot of time because I couldn't wrap my head around it. When this happened I took a step back and said "That's it! I'm out!" Why risk making shit worse? I just spent my day talking with Sephi and a guy friend of mine...who we will call Aiden. I did my normal text Cael that I always do... several hours after said text I started to be concerned. It's not like him to not answer me. It happens but it's rare. Then just a couple of hours ago he text me, I'm not going to say what happened because that's his to tell if he so chooses, but I am keeping my phone within arms reach incase he needs me.

So, tonight when I walked over to spend time with Lady Di I tucked my phone into my pocket. Which is really rare. Normally when I go over there I don't take my phone, I just couldn't leave it at home. We ended up talking and watching tv, it was a calming, no need to think kind of night. Good thing because I'd hate for the goo to have to run out onto the couch there too.

I plan to spend almost all day tomorrow over at Lady Di's house. We are going to spend all day watching The Big Bang Theory, and I am going to work on some psychology. It should be fun, provided my brain has decided to work.

Now,  I am off to pester Aiden, trying not to pester Cael, and reading my book. Oh, and stretching. I didn't do it yesterday and holy hell I felt it today. Unpleasant.

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