Thursday, February 17, 2011

Breathe In, Breathe Out

As per my new rules I have to do a post today. The issue with this is I am in a rather crappy mood.

The other night I got in trouble because I slept through my alarm clock AND Cael texting to get me up. So, I spent half the night on my own without Cael talking to me as a punishment. ... and because it was a punishment he didn't tell me it was happening. If he had told me I wouldn't have worried about it. By about 5:30 - 6:00 that night and he still hadn't talked to me... I had pretty much figured out what was going on. Of course...instead of helping it just made me pouty and sorry and wanting it to be over. Not a fan of punishments... odd isn't it.

Yesterday was okay... boring, but okay. Cael wasn't in the best mood last night but it happens. ... I refer you to the second sentence of this post for proof. When he told me I backed off a bit, I don't like bugging him to begin with but when I know he's not in a good mood to begin with I definitely don't want to make it worse. Before he told me about his mood we were talking about random things and he told that he hasn't really been touched a lot, not in a non-sexual manner anyways. And that? Bugs me. When I like somebody I want to touch them, random little touches, rubs, etc... whatever can be done at the time. It bugs me that the girls he's been with haven't done that with him, I don't understand that way of thinking at all. It's a sign of affection, caring... I don't like that he's been denied that. I plan to fix that *nods*

As for why I'm in a bad mood today? For the first time since Sunday I stepped on the scale and I'm up 2-3 pounds. Bit of a blow that.

And now? I don't think I have much left to say. If anything good happens I'll make an extra post to make up for the suckyness that seems to be this one.

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