Monday, February 14, 2011

A Warm Fuzzy( And he's mine damn it!*bounces innocently*)

Today is Valentines Day. No really. It is. Today my mom told me a story about how my dad would send her flowers once a week when they first started dating. I told her the story about how Cael sent me a vibrator and that I felt I came out ahead. At which point we laughed. We have an odd relationship. Yesterday my mom got flowers for Valentines Day. Wanna know what I got!? Do ya?! Do ya?! I? I got an orgasm rule and a blog rule. Score one for my mother.   My blog rule is I am to post every three days. .... conveniently it has been three days since I posted. What a coincidence that was *glares pointedly at Cael* My orgasm rule? I am to have five a day. Now, before you go thinking that I'm lucky ask me why he's doing it. *waits patiently* Why thank you for asking! He's doing it so when I misbehave and he puts an orgasm denial in place it affects me more. Asshat. I luff him.

As for what brought on these rules? I'm not entirely sure. I think it was something that was coming for a while and I just gave him an excuse to do it. I may or may not have told him that he made a good bitch when he told me he spent time sweeping today. And it may or may not have been worth it :D

Diet update...I lost 5 pounds last week. I'm hoping to lose a new 5 this week instead of the same ones like I have been. But, considering I'm doing the exercise now I think I'll be okay. I'm still hating getting up. A lot. And honestly... it's a damn good thing Cael wakes me up and pushes me out of bed or I probably wouldn't be getting up. At least on Mondays. Tuesday I need to be up early anyhow, and Wednesday and Thursday my mother is actually home in the morning so I have somebody to talk to when I get up.... by Friday I'm in a groove and figure I only have one more early morning so I may as well do it. Weekends I'm allowed to sleep in. Its Mondays that kill me... and I of course have days where I just don't want to but in general Monday is worse. I'm having to force myself to slow down on the treadmill though. I had a slight twinge in my back yesterday so I made sure I didn't do as much time on it and slow down. I used to run a lot... being on the treadmill makes me want to run and be able to do it again/more. Which right now? Wouldn't be good. It's like a constant battle. I actually found myself wanting to do the treadmill the other day... a good but sad sign. I'm forcing myself to go slow, to gradually build everything up so I don't hurt myself and end up having to stop.


This weekend was a more serious one. Cael and I had a few serious conversations. Which of course are needed and so on but I much prefer my happy Cael to the serious, sometimes sad one that I get during/after the conversations. Sometimes it happens, and you can't help it but gods I like when he smiles much more. We talked about several things this weekend that we hadn't before... and I feel better about it, learned more things about him than I knew before. It was a good thing it happened... but in the end I just wanted my normal Cael back. The one that laughs when I say something completely out there, and understands my levels of insanity because they rival his. I also learned that he hasn't told his family about me. Most of my family know about him... they don't know much really, just that he exists and I'm moving up there. He says his family isn't accepting of relationships that start on the internet. Neither is my family... they basically got told too fucking bad, they can live with it or they can have nothing to do with us. End of story. Of course I know that relationship with my family is very different from most people's, so whatever he tells his family...they are HIS family. I just forget how much of a bitch I am some days :D


And speaking of, I got an email asking me how Cael and I work out dating other people and still being with each other. Simply put... we aren't dating others. We are both free to have sex with whoever, but dating isn't happening. Why sex and no dating? Those of you who read Caels blog probably know that he's a nymphomaniac. Those that didn't know and haven't read it... it is still up there in my blog roll, all the posts are there he's just not adding more. So, essentially that is why sex is allowed but dating isn't. I've seen what he's like without the sex and I don't want to do that to him. I care entirely too much about him to put him through something that he doesn't need to go through. I'm okay with the sex. As far as me having sex with anybody? First... I'd need permission from Cael... and honestly..I'm not sure he'd give it at this point. Plus... I am very picky. Anybody that may have had a chance eventually sabotage their chances before I even give in. It's a damn tidy system. And ya know, there's that whole they aren't Cael thing.

I've also had a friend of mine in blogland ask why I don't call Cael Sir or Master. Mostly? Because has never asked it of me and when we started it would have been awkward considering one of us has pretty much always been attached. And in this time I have noticed something.... a title means fuck all. He has the same power, same control, same standing with me when I call him by his name or the silly pet names  that he would if I called him Sir or Master. From time to time when he's flexing a dominant muscle I'll call him "Domly one" or "Master man"...whatever comes to me really. In general though...he has power and standing no matter what I call him. If he wants the title eventually then I'll use it, but at this point it's been so long that anything I call him has become close enough to the same meaning, or even the same thing that it's not a needed title I don't think.


As an added note? I suggest "Om nom nom"ing at their crotch. Its amusing on both sides. Trust me.


And now? because Cael doesn't know what it is, and I'm a little ashamed for him I present to you....Twitterpated!



.....You can call me flower if you want to.


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