Wednesday, February 23, 2011


First! Look at this pretty new layout! Sephi was bored earlier and I wanted a new theme for the blog and well... this is the result. Isn't it awesome?! I'm kinda in love with it... the deadlike tree/ballerina... the moon, the pretty pretty colours! *dances*


I have absolutely nothing to say tonight. I have typed up and deleted several paragraphs so far.

Last night my mom and I did a puzzle and drank some wine. That right there? Sums up almost my entire day. I did however get some new pillows for my bed...they're quilted! AND! I washed my sheets today... brand new fresh snuggly bed to cuddle into. That right there? Is win. That's actually one of the reasons I can't wait to move. Cael and I both love fresh cleans sheets so chances are they will get washed a lot. Not that they'll stay clean long.

Speaking of Cael, he hasn't had a very good day today. He's burned his arm and had some other more personal problems. Kinda have a  wrap him up in a blanket and love on him until he feels better urge. And of course he'll need his geekery options. Movies, games, comics, etc. He is very geeky. Kind of love it... because I am too... in my own special way :D

Now, I am off to love on Cael.. hopefully next time I actually have something to say.

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