Saturday, August 6, 2011

Attack Of The Under Water Sea Creature

If you've been reading my posts on EdenFantasys for a while you'll have noticed I've been lusting after a few different toys. There have been a few reoccurring links. I finally broke down and bought one of them. As of last Tuesday I have been in possession of the Icicles No. 24.  What is the Icicles No. 24? It's a glass toy of course.

However, it is not just any glass toy. It is a tentacle glass toy.

The toy is actually a very soft pink, soft enough that no matter what I do my camera will not pick it up. The dildo does have ridges along the bottom side of the shaft and a slight indentation running along the top down the center. On either side of the indentation are bumps that run the full length of the toy. It is a very textured toy. It was too much at first, too much texture, too much going on.. just too much. Until I used it a couple more times.  Then suddenly I really started to like it.

It comes in a box with no storage bag so you have to find your own storage but as far as I'm concerned.. I don't have little kids around or people who would be going through my stuff. I can leave this on my bookshelf and it just looks like a tentacle.

That is another reason I absolutely love glass toys. A lot of them are very pretty and don't look blatantly like a sex toy. I know a lot of people are scared of them breaking, but if you check them before use for cracks you should be okay. Most of the glass toys are made out of pyrex glass. I don't know about you all but I am a bit accident prone. I am forever dropping things. I have dropped not only the pyrex cookware and not had it break but I've dropped my toys once or twice. As long as you check it for cracks or chips before use you should be okay. I don't think I know anybody that orgasms hard enough to break a toy :)  So, if you haven't tried a glass toy yet, go over to EdenFantasys and take a look around. They have a large selection of them and the information to go with the purchase.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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