Friday, August 5, 2011


My day today has been fairly boring and relaxed. My grandparents and cousins GF ..who we'll call Elle are coming over tomorrow. So today I did the usual big straightening up. I vacuumed and washed floors and such. And I'll probably vacuum again tomorrow. I normally do it every day but I stopped for a while. Two pets kind of demands that you do it everyday or you sit somewhere and become Chewbacca (That right there? Brought to you by Caels nerdery seeping over)everything gets so covered. Even doing it every day it can happen.  The house is always clean but with two guys in it as well as two pets... things get left places they shouldn't.  That is one thing I am looking forward to when I move. I know Cael leaves things around sometimes but picking his stuff up and moving it wont piss me off, moving theirs does.

Other than that I spent some time at my grandmothers. I've been avoiding it lately because of the picking but I had two issues. 1. A wire in my bra came right out in the wash and I needed her sewing machine, especially since I couldn't find my thread and 2. I need to pick up another french onion soup bowl... She had given me three of them because  up until now my brother hadn't liked it. Now that he's 16 and resembles a walking stomach he wants it. The ones I have are solid colors with little circles on them. I was going to grab the white ones with little kids playing on them because they're the ones I always got when I ate over there when I was little. It didn't matter what it was I just wanted the bowl. But, then I thought about the mocking that would ensue when Cael seen them and decided to stick with the ones I had.

I also had some toys show up for review today. I did a few shots of them while I could. Nobody but me is home so I can have dildos sitting on the kitchen table :D. Another point for moving. So, this has been my view for a good portion of the day :

I'm mid review thus the toys. But would you look? Look at that caramelly latte goodness! And yes, I do enjoy my M&Ms cup.

I've also been contemplating making some more homemade salsa. There are more and better peppers out right now so I think it would be a good thing. And more peppers is good. Spicier peppers is good. I love spicy. I'm all excited about my salsa now. Hear that Sephi? MY salsa.

We found out today that Cael has his old job. He doesn't have to go up north now, they missed him :D I'm very happy. Other than this means getting up at 6 in the morning again. But truth be told.. I do enjoy it even if I hate waking up early. I like when he wakes me up. Don't tell him that though.

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  1. YOU WILL SEND ME SALSA! (did the jedi mind trick work on ya???)