Saturday, August 20, 2011

Me Time

Who doesn't need some "Me Time" now and then?  Things lately have been stressful from several different fronts in my life. I'm either being pulled one direction or pushed away from another. While 98% of these things are not sex or relationship related... I still find myself flitting through EdenFantasys.

There are some days where sex toys just don't appeal to me. Some days I just want to relax and try to forget the outside world. When I'm stressed out, and worried sick... the last thing I want to do is orgasm... or at least have to work for an orgasm. But Me Time? That I can do.

EdenFantasys has a whole mess of bath products. I personally am in love with the KamaSutra Treasure Of The Sea bath salts. They turn the water a gorgeous blue color, soften the water more than any other bath salt I've used, and they leave a soft scent behind on your skin for hours.

There are also fair sized bottles of bubble bath, and even a kit with different scents. I've even been eying this.  A friend of mine has a much smaller, non-vibrating version of this. It feels amazing.

So, if you aren't feeling like a vibrator or a dildo, go look around for some bath products or candles and give yourself some me time.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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