Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Dirtier

Another short post tonight. I'm tired and feel kinda icky. Plus I seem to be really sore and I'm not sure why. It's like I've run 10 miles in my sleep or something. Just popping on to show you my new toy organizer.

Are ya ready?!

Almost every pocket has something in it. I actually filled my Rubbermaid tub since some of the toys couldn't be bare in the tub and wouldn't fit in a pouch and their packaging was bulky. So, I have this. As I get more the more bulky toys will stay in it and I'll take the glass toys out and put them back in the tub. (red bags have glass toys in them, sometimes two to save space.)  My organization freak gets to come out and play with my toys!! A bit ago I told Cael when we find a house I'll do all the packing and unpacking for the move and I so meant it! I love to go through things and organize them and pack them then unpack them and organize them in specific ways when we get them to the house. I will seriously be in my freak like subby glory. Which is great because he hates doing that kind of stuff . Win - Win.


  1. Oh wow! It never crossed my mind to use this storage solution. I put my toys away in a drawer…I feel somewhat embarassed to have them a bit exposed like that.