Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Take Along

I totally broke down last night. It was a combination of PMS, a really shitty day, and a good helping of sub drop. No, really. I've never had sub drop without rough play before but it happened. I think because I was so high and happy Sunday getting Caels attention and getting some dominance and finally getting to talk to him again by Tuesday when I hadn't heard from him everything just came crashing down. By six o' clock last night I was in bed, had text Cael and was bawling. I'm fairly certain I know where he was and why he hadn't answered but that didn't matter. I just wanted my master and some reassurance and my bed. I'm really hoping I get to talk to him today so I don't devolve back to that place again. I don't have much to say other than that so I decided I'd do a meme that's  been circulating around a few different vanilla blogs.

Apparently you can learn a lot about a person from what they carry in their bag. 

What type of bag do you carry?

Right now it's a hobo-ish leather bag.

Explain what's in your bag and state why it's there:

Wallet...for obvious reasons I think.

Kleenex packet because allergies suck ass.

Gum because it seems to help with my motion sickness in cars.

My keys...ya know, so I can get back into my house when I get home.

A pen because I always need one and never seem to have it.

Most likely last weeks grocery list because I only seem to take it out the day I go for groceries to put in the new one.

A little wallet style compact with lip gloss in it that I think I've used maybe once.

An inhaler for my asthma.. I don't leave the house without one.

Hand sanitizer because I'm vaguely OCD.

A little pad of paper because I get random awesome ideas for things.

Some halls just in case.

And the last thing.. which is totally the most subbie thing in my bag.

Ready for it?


No really, it's a total subbie thing! See, Cael is allergic to advil... I am an advil person. I always have been. A while ago I was out of advil and went to the store and picked some up, put in my bag and didn't think about it. Well, I went to use it a bit ago and I find tylenol. Apparently I am naturally making choices he wants and needs without even knowing it.

That right there is not a matter of being owned. That is a matter of being slowly eaten alive and completely possessed.

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