Saturday, November 19, 2011

Get Real!

Have you all heard of The Adult Toy Shoppe? Yeah. I’m betting you have. They sent me a toy to review a bit ago but before I get to that I’d just like to say something. I love the name of this company! Seriously. There are so many sex toy shops that come up with these ridiculous names. If I’m looking at a toy that two shops carry for the same price.. I am going to choose the shop whose name doesn’t make my cringe. Yes I am vaguely eccentric!

To start with lets get the specs out of the way shall we?

According to the website the dildo I received has an insertable length of 4.5 inches, with the thickest width being 1.5 inches.

This is not an intimidating toy size wise. When I received the package (a standard blister pack) I was actually surprised at the amount of texture on this toy. It doesn’t look like it has a whole lot in the pictures on the site, however there is quite a bit and it can definitely be felt.

To be completely honest, I am absolutely torn on this toy as to what I think of it.

I finally got the chance the other night to use it. I was understandably excited. I just recently discovered my love of dildos...and realistic dildos at that so getting one had me skipping around. I pulled the toy out of the package and promptly smacked it to the wall. It has a suction cup on the end that made a wonderful *THWACK* as it stuck to the wall.

That? Is where it stayed for quite a while so I could see how well the cup worked. Pretty well; I had to pry it off the wall. Unfortunately that right there is the only time I used the suction cup. The toy is just too short for it to be used on the wall for anything more than teasing. On a chair it may work better but right now I don't have a flat smooth base to stick it to to try it out.

Once it was off I took it to the bathroom and washed it then turned and promptly dropped it on the floor. So, I can tell you that pet hair sticks to it amazingly well.

FINALLY, washed for a second time, I crawled into bed with my new toy. Now, here is where I get torn.

As I used this toy it definitely felt good. However, I wanted more. I wanted it to be longer and thicker and to really fill my up. As it is this toy does not bump my cervix like I enjoy, but that’s okay because it does run nicely over my g-spot. It seems to be the absolute perfect length for that.

Then the tapering… it starts thin and gets a little thicker as it goes. I love that full feeling as the head of the toy pops into me. Then again, sometimes that thick feeling can be way too much. I have toys that literally stretch me to the point that I cannot take them in without hurting. I am fairly tight and small inside so for that this toy is great.. but I love that thick feeling too.

I was literally having trouble getting deep into this toy. Yet? I was absolutely soaked. It was like the texture of the toy was literally juicing me. I could feel it running down the toy and over the “balls” which is quite appealing to me. Orgasm is my only hobby :D  Once I found the groove of the toy it wasn’t long before the orgasm hit me. There was no focusing, there was no keeping control. My eyes rolled back and I writhed enough I almost fell off the bed.

Do you see my problem? I found myself wanting more yet this toy totally satisfied me more than some of the bigger toys I have. I think for me part of the appeal of the big toys is the force to them. The force helps get me off. Now though? Now I’ve found a new way. I get a completely different, and generally stronger, orgasm from this toy and I love that!

Once I was finished I set the toy down and fell right to sleep. I rarely do that… normally I am completely anal (BTW! This toy is completely anal safe with the large base. However, because of the porous tendency which you are about to see if you use this toy anally ONLY using it anally is probably your best bet.) about cleaning my toys. So, I woke up in the morning and grabbed the toy to clean it off. This is what I found :

Apparently the base of the toy had been touching a candle and  sucked up the coloring from it. Now. This toy is made out of a phthalate free rubber.  So I think we can safely assume this toy will absorb some bodily fluids and lube as time goes on. So I would recommend replacing this toy every now and then. If you spill something totally not good for your body… like nail polish remover and a cleaner of some sort on this..I’m not sure I’d risk using it again. I say toss it and get a new because at the price of this thing you can totally afford to do it! 

I Think I just talked myself into this toy even more…definitely going to replace it when the time comes!

Thank you to for letting me try out this dildo!

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