Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Long Walk Off A Short Pier

I've had good intentions. I'll go to bed early. I'll get up early. I'll eat healthy. I'll exercise! I will rebuild! I have the technology!


Today I did it. Well..kind of. I did not get up early. I fail at that. Horribly bad. I did however get up and exercise and generally kick my ass. Crunches, weights, run/jog, and my new all time favorite? The heavy bag. I love it. It's awesome for aggression. I MAY have some. I followed that with some peanut butter chocolate protein shake and a container of water and a shower. Lunch was half a veggie stuffed pita with turkey and dinner is going to be a salad. I feel awesome. As an added bonus the guy I'm working out with isn't up to the amount and distance I did yet.. and he's in better shape than I am. I kicked his ass. I love it. I'm doing it again tomorrow.

In other news I figured out why I'm so facking(I've been spending a lot of time with my niece so I'm TRYING not to swear as much) horny lately. It has been out of control. Six orgasms in a day and I'm still wandering around wanting to hump corners and couches. I switched BC pills at the request of a friend that was freaked out by my brand. So I switched. I'd heard of women who went on a different brand would have their sex drives slow down because the brand doesn't work for them. Ahem. Apparently my old brand did that, I was just young enough then I started on them I didn't notice. Fuck me(I never said I was succeeding at curbing the expletives. Shup.), am I noticing now! Doesn't help when I have several pretties asking me to play..all.the.time. One of them is...*purrs* We'll call him Ethan. I have known Ethan since I was about 15 or 16...possibly 17. It's been a long damn time. I have wanted to jump him since the moment I met him. He's blond, wears glasses (I have a thing for glasses.. large thing. No idea why but *shivers*), and is tall. I love me some tall. Plus I've talked to him for years and love him to death as a friend and love his personality. He's the one person I actually considered fooling around with when I was with Cael and shit was open. I tease him mercilessly though it has been backfiring lately. He just sets me off, I purr.. I have literally purred at him before. He's not dating right now for personal reasons which I understand and agree with, and I'm trying not to fuck him before we date. It's not going well. I wants has him. AND??!!?! He's willing to let me do dirty unspeakable things to him which I fully intend to detail here if I get to do them :)

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