Thursday, September 13, 2012


Just checking in to say I'm alive. there was a huge fire where I live a couple days ago. Our entire town was evacuated. I ended up at my grandparents almost an hour away. I'm still alive. I still have a home.. but it was scary.

I went in to town for groceries and I was standing looking at veggies when the fire started apparently. By the ten minute drive home you couldn't see fifty feet in front of your face the smoke was so thick. By the time I got to my little town there was an evacuation notice. So, I packed some clothes, grabbed my cat and dog and we left. The cat howled the entire drive. It was a hoot.

When we were finally allowed back everything was fine. The town didn't burn but another few yards worth of gain for the fire and we would have. The end of the fire is literally one farmers field away from the town. The land we own in the river bottom is fine but only by chance. The first started on the other side of the river and jumped it just a mile or so down from our land. It somehow survived it. Not only did it jump a river, it jumped several highways to get to us. My allergies and asthma are still going insane from the remaining smoke and after affects. It was.. insane.

In other news? Exercise is making a huge come back. As is healthier, and more proportional eating. I think I'll actually succeed this time because I don't have a ticking time bomb attached to me to set off my eating disorder. I have hope, and a lot of veggies and oats. :)

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