Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bus Bus Baby!

The BDSM community is a largely diverse group. There are all kinds of people that encompass this span. One thing that unites us all though? Buses.

Over the years I have been  run of by my share of "buses" that other submissives have so lovingly driven my way. But for the most part? I've been the driver. This has been exceedingly beneficial for me. Once a year or so ago I was talking to Sephani and her master asked whether or not he should make her masturbate in the bathroom before she left work. Of course being myself and never missing an opportunity to bus my bestie  I told him no.. he should  make her do it on the bus ride home. Which essentially means I bused her with a bus. The irony of it still tickles pink.

Most recently though I was able to bus Sephani really hard.. and for a long, long time. She was having a really terrible day. So I thought I'd send her something to surprise her and hopefully put her in a better mood. I poured through the EdenFantasys website. Looking at lingerie, lotions, candles and toys. Then I found it. It was sitting there in all its silvery glory screaming "Buy Me! She'll Love Me Forever!" I thought about it, mulled it over and demanded her shipping address. I teased her mercilessly for days refusing to tell her what I got her. The day was finally here, she was going to get it! ...and it showed up late so she had to wait until she was done work and home at 1 in the morning. I didn't know she was home until her message popped up on my screen.

"You bitch"

So what did I get her? Why I got her what any loving sub would get their enslaved friend who loves anal :) I got her the Njoy 2.0. I thought about the large. I really did. But it just seemed like a waste. I loved her enough I went above and beyond normal sizes. She's actually already gotten quite a bit of use out of it. She even had to wear it to work yesterday. Her owner asked why we bus each other because it always escalates and Sephi would probably end up sending my next owner a wrecking ball on a boat anchor chain. My answer was simple.. we do it for fun, and we do it for love because deep down we do enjoy the control the mens exert when given a new toy. Especially once of this caliber.

So, Sephi my dear, Game on :)

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