Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blades of grass on tiny bare feet I look at you and you're looking at me

Sigh. It hasn't been long since I posted and yet it feels like forever so much has happened.

To begin with my exercise is going well. Really well actually. I've settled into a routine of two days on one off and it's working great. It's consistent yet short enough I don't feel like it'll never end. I've been increasing time on the machines and the weight I'm lifting. Physically I feel awesome. My diet took a hit the last two days but that's okay because I'm maintaining. I've stupid proofed my food until I get a better hold on my eating disorder. Its WAY better than its been in years but it can still be better and I know that so I'm working on it. I plan to maintain this course I'm on until Solstice then I'll take stock and see if I need to change things. In general though? I'm doing amazingly well. I know already lost an inch or so just by the way things are fitting. Pumped. I am it.

I'm writing at SexIs again. My latest post is here. Go read it, it's a recount on the night I spent away from home during the fire. It's worth it. Promise.

In other news the woman my cousin married (who I am in love with by the way. She is amazing) was pregnant. Yes. Was. We had a couple weeks to be amazingly happy and excited then it was gone. She's taking it hard understandably. So am I oddly enough. I'm sure part of it is being around my niece so much and knowing how much I already loved the new babe and how excited I was for her. She's always wanted kids but didn't think she could have them until she got pregnant which is encouraging and heartbreaking at the same time.

Since then I'm missing a few people, thinking about them. But then again I guess this is the time for that. Which is why the title is what it is. The song just strikes a chord. I cried the first time I heard it. I wont put the video because there was one of hers in the last post but this song is on repeat a lot lately. I'm in an odd mourning mood.

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