Friday, December 10, 2010

Check In

I haven't been posting as often lately, but I am still upright. I'm just still sick. Seriously, it's been weeks now. I'm a little pissy about it. I'm almost out of antibiotics and still this sickness holds on! So, that is a very large part in why my posting has slowed. I'm sick so I'm not doing much.

Other than that, I don't really have a lot going on. Recently I was given several bags of books. At last count I was given 127 books. At about $10 a book that's quite a lot of money I didn't have to spend. *dances*  I've already determined that when I move Cael is carrying them. *gets ass grabbing hand ready* It has also been determined that when I move I get to pick new kitchen toys! I've been lusting after kitchen toys for a long time. Now? NOW! I get to pick stuff out. Cael is awesome! He lusts after knives... I go for the rest of the kitchen stuff... together we are a very expensive trip to a kitchen center :D


I had an appointment with a dietitian a day or so ago. She managed to piss me off. Very condescending and harp - ish. Do not need, appreciate or want. She also wanted me to check in with her a lot. Basically... she would serve as a babysitter for my diet. I do not want that. If when Cael is feeling better, and has some more control of my diet and he wants me to do check ins with him... I would happily do it. But, to do it with somebody I don't know and who pisses me off to begin with? I don't think so. On top of the fact, she didn't really tell me much. Anything she said, I already knew. So, I am doing this on my own (With Caels help eventually, either when I move or when he's feeling better). I've started collecting recipes and ideas for meals. Different things that are healthy so I don't get bored.

Tomorrow I may go in and help my uncle and Lady Di move into their new apartment. By sunday... they will not be within walking distance. I'm a little sad. However, with my cold and asthma(cold makes it worse) if I go it will be just to help unpack boxes and put things away. They're on the third floor, with no elevator, ... with my breathing right now going up and down those stairs would be the end of me. Or, maybe I'll just stay home. Haven't made up my mind yet.

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