Thursday, August 5, 2010

Email Questions

I received an email this morning from an amusing gal (I'm assuming female based on the name you left. If I'm wrong let me know.). After she finished making me laugh she left a few questions for me to answer on the blog to help my blogging mojo :) Considerate and helpful too!

1. What color are your eyes? (The picture was a tad fuzzy)
My eyes are a hazel-y colour. Sometimes more brown, sometimes more green.

2. What state do you live in?
I don't live in the U.S. I live in Canada.

3. Who is your favourite author?
Laurell K Hamilton, I just like her writing style.

4. What do you smell like?
Right now? A mix between my poppy perfume oil and "Oceanus" lotion.

5. Name two people of the opposite sex that you trust with anything and state why.
Chris because I've known him since we were 8 and as much as I enjoy the shock at some things I say he rarely ever freaks out.
Cael because I know no matter what I tell him he's either okay with it or has done it himself and he's a safe spot for me.

They're both protective, one more than the other but it's comforting and safe there.

6. What color is the sky in your world?
Most days it's purple, on occasion it's turns periwinkle.

7. Do you know any other languages?
I took french for a few years but not much of it stuck. When I was 4 - 12 I spent time with my aunts (not a blood relative) mother. They're Hungarian and she enjoyed teaching me some words. They come out on occasion when I'm not expecting it, like when I'm calling my cat or looking for my wooden spoons.

8. Assume you were getting married and you had to choose at least 4 bridesmaids right this second who would you choose?
Since most of my friends are guys if I ever do get married it's going to be a mixed party. Right now though? Hmm. Sephi, because her and I in the same place can only be awesome and I doubt her master would allow her to fly here once she's back over the puddle. Lori, because we spend quite a bit of time together and adding her to mine and Sephi's insanity can only be awesome. Cael for reasons previously stated, and Chris. They can wear dresses if they want but I wouldn't force it :)

9. What are you having for dinner tonight?
Tonight I'm having leftover stuffed shells because I don't want to cook tonight. I might add asparagus, I may not.

10. What are 4 things that attract you to a male?
Thick, bulky body. Personality. Sense of humor. Dominance. (And pretty eyes and intelligence. 4 just isn't enough!)

11. Do you like facial hair?
It really depends on how it looks on the guy. There are some people I don't like it on, and others that shave it off and I miss it.

12. Long hair or short hair?
On me? I'm contemplating growing it out again. It's about medium right now. On a guy? It depends. Some people it really doesn't look good on but in general I like it long.


  1. I'd wear a scottish dress.... Meaning a kilt.... Not an actual dress

  2. Ohh the fun I could have if you wore that!

  3. I think Master could be persuaded into going just to see the trouble I could get know how He loves to think up new punishments for my brat ;)

    And I'm voting a definite yes on the kilt as well!

  4. Haha, if he lets you come I'll help you get into trouble!

    I have a feeling that the kilt will be part of the trouble.