Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mish Mash

I'm still here! No, really. It's true. I seem to have lost my blogging mojo lately. Anything I think of either isn't long enough to make a post or nothing is happening. It is boring around here! However, since I have been gone a bit I will go over what has happened.

I declined the offer I had about playing with a girl. I tried talking to her some more and it turns out that she irritated me. That is really not conducive to sex. At least for me it isn't. I need something more than somebody just being hot. Hell, half the guys I've dated I have not found attractive what-so-ever until I've started to fall for them.

I has a tiny tomato growing on my one plants! Plus everything else is covered in flowers so with any luck I'll get some stuff out of this venture! My aunt actually brought over some fertilizer today. Sad thing is... I think the fertilizer is pretty. It's so many different colours. Shiny penny!

I went into town today with my mother and grandmother. All of our stomachs hurt, as do our cheeks. We amuse the hell out of one another. Not one of us thinks before we speak which tends to result in hilarity. For instance, my mother was smelling perfumes and using testers. Eventually she ran out of spots and stated such. A lady standing beside us told her to put it on her ankle and hike it up around her ear to smell it. My mother laughed and said if she could bend like that she wouldn't need the smell pretty stuff to begin with.

An update for Cael lovers, seeing as how we have some. (I've had people arrive at my blog by searching for "Cael bdsm" He has teh fans!) He has moved into his new place and didn't let me unpack his books! This could be fear of losing some. You always lose some on a move *nods* I even offered to let him frisk me :P

I've determined that in general Fetlife = Douche central. Seriously, if your comments to me have the words "Cum" and "Fetish" in ever sentence? Not likely that you will be well received. Though I have been talking to a guy from there for a few days now. He seems nice, has some fun fetishes (It's my blog I can say it as many times as I want!)  and would probably be fun to play with. I've however, had to decline any contact of that nature for various reasons that are both personal and previously mentioned on this blog so writing them again is pointless. (2nd slave, don't take well to it people!) Since I've been talking to him however, I have gotten in trouble. Well, not trouble. Put in my place perhaps? Which oddly enough has calmed me down quite a bit. Turns out I get a bit uppity when I'm masterless. I'm a bitch otherwise but apparently it gets worse :)

A week or so ago I got Edgar Allan Poe's book that has every single poem and story in it. I am excited to sit down and start reading some of it. It gives me happy wiggles. (SHH! You know who you are!)

I'm trying to get back into my drawing again. I've almost finished a drawing I started last night. Detailing, shading etc. is left. Seeing as how I almost let my OCD get the best of me with my pencils... I have several sets.... organizing them into grades is just mind-blowing. So, I set it aside and just started drawing. It's coming out Luis Royo-esque which is not a bad thing at all!

I think that's all for now, frozen yogurt is calling my name!


  1. As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door

  2. :) A perfect example of why I love thee so dearly! I'd say to death but ya know, with Poe that's slightly cliche. AND That is one thing I am not :)