Saturday, August 28, 2010


"Hi Serene! My name is Lyssa and I've been reading your blog for a few months now, I even went back and read everything from the first post on. I have a few questions for you.  Since the beginning you've shown how much you cared for who you now call "B" and you've shown that you care for Chris and Cael as well. So I guess I have two questions for this. If "B" showed back up and wanted you back would you go? On the same coin you've stated that you at one point liked Chris(not sure if you do anymore) and Cael, would you choose one of those over B or eachother?    You mentioned a while ago that you were retrying your diet but haven't talked about it since. How's that going? I only ask because I'm trying to lose right now and finding it difficult. I also have a couple questions about Cael, if that's okay.  You said in a recent post that he was single again, what happened? You said he was very happy and I guess I'm wondering if the same thing happened there that happened with Chris's gf not liking you. Also, does he have much M/s experiance and if so how much?  I hope I didn't overstep any boundaries.  Lyssa."

Hello Lyssa!

To be honest Lyssa, if B showed back up and wanted me back I'd fall out of my chair in shock. I've tried writing this answer three times now, it's been the same answer every time but explaining it just isn't easy. Short answer is no, I wouldn't. Long answer is, well... read back through the blog again... why would I want to go through that hell all over again?  That's the best I have, every time I try to explain it I have no words. I loved him, and was committed to him... he couldn't return it and that's something I need to be equal in.

I would absolutely choose one of them over B.  I would even choose one over the other in a heartbeat, however that person knows who they are and that I would do it thus I will leave the answer at "yes."

As far as the diet... I say good luck to you! It is possible, I've done it. It's just finding that groove that works and makes it easy. I'm having trouble finding that groove again but I hope you find yours.

As far as the questions about Cael, he actually has a blog over here and I'm sure he would be happy to answer your questions. I'll pass them on to him and let him answer them. He also has an email account set up for questions, which is in the upper corner of his blog. Feel free to send your questions for him there if you have anymore.


  1. Yes send more to my blog. soon i will achieve world domination through this

  2. Perhaps but I still get use of the whip! I will not share!