Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Random Post Of Nothing

I really have nothing to say, but I need to post. I need to keep the momentum going or I will fizzle out. This will be a very random post about everything and will follow no order what so ever other than it came to mind. You get to bare witness to my thought process...be afeared.

Last night I was talking to Cael and somehow we ended up talking about lap dances and pole dancing and I made the comment that I wanted to learn. Which is entirely true. I intend to lose weight, build my muscle back up and take a few classes of anything that catches my fancy. Unfortunately my fancy is caught a lot. Belly dancing looks like a lot of fun too. It's entirely too bad that Sephi is too far away to take classes with me... and when I'm ready she will be even further. Not that she'd need to take a few of them. She gots her own skill :P By the way, Cael was absolutely all for it... I'm sure that's shocking to everybody reading, I know it shocked me. *Solemn nod*

(I think I sprained my sarcasm muscle.)

I went walking with my grandmother last night and pissed her right off. We seen a baby and she was talking about how she was excited for all her grandchildren to start having babies. I laughed and told her not to hold her breath, that I didn't plan on having them...at which point she glared at me and I spent the rest of the night being questioned as to why not. It started a shit storm is what it did. Now to be honest, I'm not saying that I'd never have them. I'm merely saying that I would be perfectly fine not having them. I don't have the mommy drive that a lot of women do. If I have them, then I do and I know I'll be a good mom... I pretty much raised a friend of the families kid, I'm basically in charge of my brother right now since my mom works nights and sleeps all day and my dad doesn't seem to pay attention all the time. He asks me if he can go to friends, and I make him do his chores. I've also been around babies my whole life, between cousins, friends and now ex gf's of my uncles there has always been kids around. Maybe that's why I'm fine not having them. *Shrug* At this point I'm 50/50 on the whole thing. Fine either way. Evidently that was not the answer my grandmother was looking for because she pouted at me for hours.  After a while Lady Di got there, and seen me and the first thing out of her mouth was "Ohh the little bitch is here!" ... have I mentioned how much I love her? Cause I do, she's kind of awesome.

Speaking of awesome, it turns into dangerous when Wii bowling comes out. Wow. Lady Di is one person you do not want to be near when she's bowling. She whips her arm. and wiggles her ass, and kicks her legs, and spins around, and throws it between her legs....you just know that somebody is going to be wearing the remote at some point. Funny, but dangerous.

Well, seeing as how I was just singing with the dog... I think my train of thought has disappeared. I'll be back when it reappears or when I think of something else to say. Hopefully something better.

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