Saturday, September 4, 2010


Short post. Just a couple things.

1.  It's hot today, but for the last little bit and in the next few days it's supposed to be cool. Cool and shady. No sun. My plants are not happy. I have a ton of cherry tomatoes....all green and showing no signs of turning red. I don't have any at all on the larger tomato plants. No peppers either. Several of the plants are getting too big and laying down... I need cages or something. My chives are thriving. My basil however is not doing well. One pot seems to be fine but the other seems to be dieing. Sigh.

2. Lady Di has been spending quite a bit of time over here. It's fun. We amuse each other, I enjoy having her around.

3. I'm not back in school. I can't afford to go back for a couple of weeks. I'm behind before I even start. Kind of a "well for shit!"  moment.

4. I am sick. I am irritated. I'm thinking I got something from my brother...damn it! I hate being sick. I'm hoping it just stays in my head. I've had enough hospital visits this year. I've napped, I've been plugged up, I'm over it. 

On that note, I'm leaving this post at that. It's sucking for more brain power and I just don't have it to give.

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