Monday, September 6, 2010

Holy Hell

I had every intention of making an actual post instead of a short one tonight. However, I have since left a comment on Sephi's blog that has proved to me that I cannot handle speaking to people, let alone in a public type way.  For your amusement I'm also leaving the comment here... I'm totally justified in this.

"Okay, so I’m sick too. However, in all fairness… I think we are both types of sick. Don’t lie to yourself saying things like “hey…HEY! You know you want me! FUCKIN PAY ME!” are not things most people would put in the normal, sane, and straight laced catagory. However… I do because this is the only catagory I know. (I also have a strange need to call my next cat Gory… he can be a cat-a-Gory…get it! Once again, no more cold meds for Serene.)"

And! Yes I do know that it's "category"... it's the pills!

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