Thursday, September 16, 2010

Long, exhausting day.

Today I was gotten. Gotten by a wolf that is my spirit guide. I intended to blog all of the events today and lock the post. Then I started thinking, anybody that I would give the password to it is somebody I've already talked to.  I talked to Nilla about it first, and she guided me on what I gave her and caused panic in one of her answers until I started talking to Sephi and Cael about it and connected her comments to other things. Things that don't scare me, reassuring things. So in the end it all worked out. I however, am exhausted. Not being able to concentrate on anything but the wolf all day, piled on with a dream and meditation... it's tiring weeding through that much emotional __ (baggage,shit,random figments...pick your own word.).

It's also a fairly private thing. Not something I want everybody reading especially since I know a few people who read here are either ex's or don't mean me entirely well. Those I shared with and went to for advice I trust. Admittedly only Cael got all of what happened and what I was told, which really should not be a surprise at this point..there are very few others I would actually share this with.  At some point I may blog about it, but right now it's still fresh, still things I, myself could only handle at this point in time.

So with that out-of-the-way, I have nothing to blog about. I cleaned today. That is all.  I have done absolutely nothing blog worthy today. I'm still not feeling that great. Evil cold!

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