Monday, September 27, 2010


Today, I went to Nearby Large City with Lady Di and my grandmother.

I got up early, having had maybe 5 hours sleep. Adding that to the 3 hours I had in total the 24 hours before that... I was tired. I actually just about fell asleep in the car on the way up. I do not sleep in cars. My uncle died in one and since then I haven't been able to be entirely comfortable in them, let along sleep. So that alone shows you how tired I was. When you can actually feel your eyes trying to roll back in your head... you really need to sleep more! Finally I actually fell momentarily asleep and bounced my head off the seat and that was enough to wake me up for the last little bit.

Once there we got to spend some time at the passport office. It was maybe a matter of 15 minutes. Then we had lunch and shopped. I got nothing, I seen nothing that piqued my interest. Plus I'm having a net worth problem as in it may be negative soon.

At lunch I had a coffee that was enough to wake me up all day. Seriously, it's 12 where I am right now and I am still awake. On 1 cup of coffee. Normally coffee doesn't affect me at all but I think I was just tired enough and this coffee was soo, sooooooooooo strong that it was enough to wake me up. (That and the 4 sugars I had to use to even make it slightly drinkable. ....if it pours out like mud it's too fucking strong!)

When we got back I took my Big Bang Theory Dvds over to Lady Di's and we watched one of those disks.  Now I'm sitting, contemplating finding something to eat and calling it supper and then reading and bed. Excitement.

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