Thursday, September 23, 2010


This question has shown up in my email twice in the last month. So, I'm thinking I should address it entirely, not just the blurb I've been giving. So, I will attempt.
How's your diet going? You haven't talked about it in a while. Is there somebody helping you? 

Well, to be honest it's a stalemate. I have however managed to maintain my weight for a couple of months now and that is HUGE. My weight has fluctuated a lot in the last few years. It's steadily gone up (I don't remember if I ever explained why on here or not, but right now I just really don't have the energy so I will assume I have.), so it staying where it is, is a big deal. My system might actually be evening out. Especially considering I haven't really exercised.

Which brings us to the stalemate. I'm eating fine. What I eat is generally healthy anyways so the diet part was never a big deal to me. Indulging and keeping balance so I didn't fall off the plan was easy. I had a system and it seems to have stuck. Which has probably helped with the weight staying where it is. Where the issue comes in, is exercise. I quite honestly loathe it. I used to love running.  A few years later having popped my knee out numerous times, it is not as enjoyable( and yes I know losing weight will help this but it sure as hell doesn't help now!). There's also the ever-present fear of popping my knee out, because holy fuck is that painful. Add that to the bed ridden back twinge (worse than the knee!) the treadmill seems prone to giving me and I am slightly afeared. This does not help.

In general though, I just hate exercise. Weights I like. Stretching I like. Actual exercise? Not enjoying. Thus, it hasn't happened. In quite a while. Stalemate = diet good + exercise bad. 

As far as help, no I do not have somebody. I could. I know very well that Cael would help me if I asked. How I'm not entirely sure but he would. It just comes down to me asking, actually wanting it and whether or not it's a good idea. Because really, the last thing that man needs is more power and control over me. *Sage nod*

I hope that explains it better. I am attempting to work on it. Right now its a motivation problem.

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