Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Over Now Right?

My night, has quite sucked and anybody I vent to has disappeared or is asleep so I'll vent here. If only to prove that my headache is justified.

  1. I came to some realizations today about people that have really thrown a screw into everything. So much so that I have been upset all day because I know that there is no way to better complicate things than what has just happened. Of course the plus side to this is I cannot tell the person, of course that is also the downside because holding it in is a bitch.

  2. At some point during the day I have acquired a headache that started right at the base of my neck and has spread out over to the left side and top of my head. It's a joy.

  3. I managed to try removing a metal pan from the oven WITHOUT an ovenmit.

  4. My grandfather is once again..or still, gods only know, cheating on my grandmother.

  5. I have fought and probably lost to go camping in a campground...thus I will probably be camping in a berry patch... in bear country. Score. Record so far this summer for this spot of bears seen by my family whilst two days... one ate the candle, the other came over for bacon. Yes, let's camp there! The fuck!

  6. The dog has taken to sleeping in my room....thus I have been sneezing all day because I am allergic to her.

  7. Cael isn't speaking to me right now, he needs space. I'm honestly not certain why. But I know that it sucks. He's been more himself lately and I've enjoyed having him back, maybe I said something. I'm really not sure, all I can do is wait.

  8. That guy I mentioned from fet a post or so back (We'll call him Jason, and no, I don't know why. ) and I were talking tonight and I ended up in tears. Not because he was pissing me off, but because he was pushing and picking at scabs that I'm not ready to let go of yet. I know that I'm a bit depressed and some of the things he thinks I should do are some of the things I'm shying away from right now and am literally scared to do. The things get talked about... I end up teary. There is really no other logic to it than that, that I can think of.

  9. My ears are ringing.

  10. My mood is bad enough today that it stormed, a huge storm and I was still pissy and upset. Enough so that I didn't even sit up to look out the window.

  11. Bad day. Perhaps a book for bed? Or a drink HA!

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