Friday, August 20, 2010

A New Post You Say?

Lack of posts? I don't see a lack of posts. However, SOME of you readers are pestering me for a new one... I wonder who it could be!

The reason I haven't updated was because I have been camping for almost a week. I got home last night. (No posts before was a lack of inspiration. It happens)  My family, Uncle, and Lady Di and I went up to the mountains. I absolutely love it there, it's calming and centering for me.  The week was spent by a lake, nestled in amongst pine trees, listening to chipmunks and squirrels running through the trees and watching them play under the trailer, drinking (all of which caught up to me last night. Holy fucking headache.), hilarity that usually befalls Lady Di, my mother and I, insanity that my uncle offers, and by the end of the trip everybody was a bitch. It turns out that playing Yahtzee and beating people entitles you to be called a bitch, who knew?

Going into the mountains is always good for me, I come out happier. I spend the whole time thinking about nothing, I don't soul search... it seems to find me. By the time I leave I always end up with a new outlook, or new views on something. It just happens. Space from things really does help. Or maybe it was the alcohol? We'll never really know!  The rest of the trip I'm keeping to myself because I have no desire to really share it.

As soon as I got home last night I unloaded my stuff ( just my mother and I came back, the other stayed for another night) and scooped up the dog. I literally had to carry her, she's a short little thing but gods is she solid. She has to be a good 60 pounds at least, and she isn't fat..just muscled and thick. I packed her into the bathroom, filled the tub and picked her up again to get her into it. She was filthy! The water was almost black by the time I was done scrubbing her. She played in the lake, and rolled in dirt, and run in amongst trees...she had fun and it showed. Once I scooped her out of the tub (wrapped in a towel like a baby. Places her front feet again the tub edge and waits to be wrapped up and lifted, she's kinda cute.) and dried her she took off running through the house.  During this running she managed to wake the cat up and alerted her that we were home, after which she spent an hour laying in my lap meowing at me.

I talked to Cael last night too, he was the only person I kinda missed this week. But then again, I can't remember the last time I went that long without talking to him so it was bound to happen. Chris also text me. He made me verrah happeh. He dumped his gf. Gone. Remember her? Yeah, it is a very good thing! Maybe now I'll actually get to talk to or see him.

After all of this, we decided we wanted chinese for supper and then I passed out. I was tired, I'm still tired and it's very smokey outside this morning so my allergies are kicking my ass, thus this post is done. I'll be back when I get inspired or my allergies clear up, whichever happens first.

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