Monday, February 6, 2012


I have literally spent over a year pouring though big chain book stores, little independent book stores, and even second hand book stores looking for a specific series of books. Very rarely did I find them, and when I did they were beaten up, or ridiculously priced, or would only appear on the stores website and would only be ordered in if enough people signed up to request it. Needless to say my name is still sitting on one of those lists years later.

The books I am talking about are The Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice. I finally found a store online, that I'm comfortable ordering from and trust, and as such I broke down and bought the first book. After of course squeeing delightfully at discovering they even carried it!

I devoured that book in less than a day. I plan to order the next two shortly and hopefully take them up to Caels with me. They grab me and don't let me out of the story, which is perfect for going up to see him when he needs time alone. No problem, I gots my book! I did discover however, that these books put me in a very submissive mindset. Yes, even more than usual. Reading about the punishments and the pleasures, the  surrendering and the fighting.. it's an amazingly engulfing BDSM store tale.

This has of course inspired me to go looking around the EdenFantasys site and see what else they have for books. I mean, yes they have sex toys but clearly I have missed some very important parts of this site if I am just now noticing they carry these books!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


  1. I love the Beauty series! It's definitely not something that could ever happen in real life. (Hello, they tell a guy to see a doctor if an erection lasts for four hours, never mind all damn day..) But it's still something that interests me and turns me on in one form or another.

    1. Haha yeah, I think for me it's really the submissive mindset it puts me in that gets me excited.