Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is That A Wocket In Your Pocket?

Or just a vibrating panty?

Yes. You read that correctly. Good vibes sent me a set of lace panties for review. Being a sex toy shop of course they were more than just panties. These panties had a little bullet in the front that was controlled be a remote. Which of course is perfect for naughty dates, play parties, outings that could use a little spice and anything else you could possibly think of.

These panties have a breakdown as follows:

Panties : 85% Polyamide, 15% Spandex
Elastic : 75% Nylon, 25% Lycra
Ribbon : Polyester 
Bullet : ABS plastic
Panties fit 26 – 52” hip (66 - 132cm)

For me, the fit of these panties isn't the greatest. However, it is a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I seen these as a fun date toy. I personally am used to "One size fits all" products totally not fitting. So the fact that these not only fit when tied closely to the ends of the strings, but actually needed dramatically taken in was a shock to me. So for that? Fuck yeah vibrating panties! Seriously.. huge ego boost which always helps with that sexy feeling. So, even if you don't think they'll fit you, or are like me and scoff at these things.. try them out. You may be surprised.

Now, while they fit... they did not fit me in a way I seen as flattering. Panties for curvy, bigger girls go two ways..either over the stomach or under. I know many people that prefer one of the other for both. I like them to go over.. I just don't see the whole under the tummy thing attractive on my body. On others? Yes. On me. No. It wasn't a matter of where the tie was at all, my issue came from the length of the actual panty part.. it is a hip hugging panty. So it would not fit the way I like.

Even with the fit issues I found that the bullet part actually nestled right against my clit. So, for that it is actually very well fitted because all the parts lined up as they should. I also found that not only did it vibrate my clit but my outter lips so it was an all over stimulation which for me causes me to climax a lot faster than pinpoint.

Now, as a final plus? This toy? It totally comes with batteries! That is a huge deal for anybody that has been ordering toys for a while. Very rarely do they come with batteries. So while this toy does  have an odd battery (23AE 12V for the remote) it is not something you have to worry about right away and you will have an example of what you're looking for once you do need to replace it.

I really think this toy should be at least given a shot. It's perfect for going to BDSM play parties where sexual contact isn't encouraged. You can wear the panties and have your fun without any contact at all. If you're a man that likes wearing panties.. these should fit you and give you a little extra stimulation. They cannot be heard at all once you have clothing on so wearing them walking around stores to keep you or your partner on edge is also totally plausible. There are really endless possibilities with this kind of toy.

Thank you to goodvibes for supplying the toy, I enjoyed reviewing it!

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