Friday, February 24, 2012


I thought for a long time that I was really okay. And to be quite honest, thus far I am. I did however find a chink in my chain. You don't wanna be the chink in my chain. (Name that movie!)

Anyways, a dom friend of mine came over the other day and we were discussing him having a little control over me. Well, we discussed it, worked out and he flicked my boob, gave a deep tissue massage(or my back is just a wimp) that's left me faintly bruised and left. At which point I promptly bawled like a fucking baby. Turns out I'm doing okay as long as I'm away from that for a while. I haven't patched and fixed everything yet. I now know that but gods that was a mess. I seem to have leveled out though.

Today I spent some time writing out lists of things I need to finish, or want to do for myself. I have almost a full page and I'm not done yet. It feels good to be productive again though and not just a waiting mess. And as an added ego boost I had somebody literally propose to me, and yet another person tell me "You're drop dead gorgeous, so pretty! Your hair and eyes! I want to fuck you!" ... I love the people I'm around. Seriously.

Over the last little while I've had a lot of friends send me songs. Some to make a point, some to make me laugh. Either way I thought I'd share some with you. (Of course not all of them are my taste but they sure made me laugh)

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