Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Every Girl Deserves A Pearl

So, before I get into this review I first want to apologize for the time it has taken to be put up. Though if you've read previous posts you know very well why that is.

I'd also like to take a moment to completely gush (Heh. Gush!) over this company. First of all... they are Canadian. Do you know what that means? When you order products you don't have outrageous shipping fees, hidden fuck you up the ass fees, or any other added fees put in place just so you can even pick up your package. Nope. You pay your shipping.. and it's yours. Right now they even have free shipping on orders over $49. That's also in Canadian funds.. no sitting there trying to calculate what a purchase is really going to cost you. And another added bonus? If you look through their site you're going to see a price comparison on pretty much ever single toy. It shows you how much you're saving by shopping there. These prices are quite honestly the best I've seen. I have several times been flitting through the site, see something I have purchased before finding this company and cursed.. loudly. So, all my Canadian readers... this is where you want to shop!  And just because they're awesome .. they also operate out of the US. Yes. They are in both Canada and the US so technically pretty much everything I just said (if not everything) also applies if you're in the United States. What is this company you ask? Why it's! Which yes, does make me smile.

Now, on to the toy!

The sex toy I received is the Bcute Pearl by Bswish. This toy has actually been on my wishlist for a long time now. It seems to be one of those toys that is reasonable in price and looks good but just never seemed to make it into my cart. I'd always find a bigger, flashier toy.

Boy do I regret that now. Even though this toy is only a 3 inch insertable length.. it is awesome. It runs on one AA battery and is controlled by a dial at its base. Any toy I've ever gotten in the past that ran on a dial wasn't very powerful. It seemed like it had endless options because of said dial but in reality it went from nothing to a gentle buzz. This vibrator however is not like that at all. As soon as the dial is turned even minutely it comes to life. At full power the entire thing vibrates more than I've seen some full vibrators go. The vibrations on this are actually really stimulating and relaxing which I realize are completely contradictory. It all depends on where you have the dial set.

For me personally, I use the low settings as a tease. When I'm ready to actually orgasm I turn it up all the way. However, I don't actually use this toy internally. To me, the length just isn't enough. Though it does tease well over the vaginal opening, I use it mainly for clit stimulation. This toy is actually the first toy that made me orgasm after over a month of stress and other random shit and my body was completely uncooperative with the whole orgasm thing. Until I tried this toy. I actually have a little rechargeable finger vibe toy.. and this little battery operated thing kicks its ass. As an added bonus this toy is made out of silicone and completely waterproof so it's great to take into the tub with you.

The vibe comes in a beautiful cardboard box  with a picture of a woman in a bra on the front, and a picture of the toy on the side. So, this isn't the most discrete packaging but it is really nice none the less. Inside the packaging is the toy and a nice little velvet feel pouch with the bswish logo sewed onto a tag on the side. The toy fits perfectly into the bag and that is a huge bonus considering the silicone on this toy is an absolute lint magnet. However, this also happen to a lesser degree in the bag. The little black fibers collect on the silicone so the toy does need to be washed before use as well as after. Just using a mild soap is generally good enough for this toy, I haven't had any issues as of yet. While the stimulation on this vibrator is great, it is not anal safe at all. It's fairly small and has no flared base so it can easily be sucked up inside of your body. I'd keep this toy for clit and vaginal use only just to be safe.

So, thank you to for the toy to review, and for giving me my orgasms back!

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