Saturday, February 4, 2012

Well, Damn

I'm trying to remember the last time I made a post about a positive topic that didn't somehow mention the shittyness that has been the last year. It's been a while. Things have been crazy for quite a long time.

As I mentioned Cael is home. The surgery went okay, he has some left over issues from it that will need rehab for a long time but it could have been a lot worse. They think they've finally fixed the problem that he was having, I'm hopeful... if only because I want him to be okay and not be the wreck I am when he's having these surgeries.

I'm planning to go up and see him in March, it could be a week it could be a month. We don't know for sure yet. With how busy he is I'm kinda hoping for the month so I can spend a good amount of time with him. He's not too enthused about me seeing him right now with the issues he's having from the surgery. I'm not too enthused about him seeing me with the weight on.. I'm hoping we'll both get over it and be a wreck together :)

My grandmother and Lady Di are wanting to take me up to a near by city at some point to go shopping for my birthday. It was the 17th of January. There wasn't much celebrating, needless to say.

As far as eating disorders.. I'm doing okay. Yesterday was bad. Really bad. But it's the first bad day I've had in a bit so all in all.. I'm okay. I'm back to the weight I was before I Gained it all back. I've dropped 36 in the last year. Not great, but not bad either. I'm hoping to get rid of some more before I go up to see Cael. I'm limiting my dairy. I've realized lately that I eat quite a bit of cheese, and that's just not good. Especially since I have a minor dairy allergy. I can't eat ice cream without having trouble breathing, same with just drinking milk. Yogurt I seem to be okay with though. I've been getting the greek yogurt so it's better for me and has less sugar than a lot of the other ones I used to buy. Sour cream I use now and then, it's not over board and I don't use huge amounts when it is eaten so I'm alright there though I could replace it with greek yogurt and probably be okay. My issue, really is cheese. I love cheese. It's great for protein, but I think if I cut down on it I'll lose weight. The allergy makes it build up in my system so the weight builds too. I guess we'll see what happens. I'm also trying to go every other day where  other than supper I just have smoothies or meal replacement shakes. It would help cut down on the dairy (I plan to replace what little milk I drink with Almond or Soy milk) and probably help with the weight loss. I wont do it every day because that's just unrealistic and would make me gain all the weight back when I go back to eating normally again. I'm also cutting out as much processed, boxed food as I can. We don't eat a lot of it as is around here but we can still have less. ... and ya know, exercise. Gods do I have a hard time getting that going -.-

Other than that the only thing really going on is quite a few reviews that need done/are upcoming. Thus far I have :

Vibrating Panties

The Big Boss

Blue Liberator Jaz

Vibrating Mood Light

Bcute Pearl

So, I may be perhaps a little behind on reviews. *ahem*

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