Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The One Where Hilarity Ensues

The last few days have been uneventful really for the most part. I haven't heard from Cael. I assume he's busy. *shrugs* The man knows my number, both literally and figuratively. I've done a lot of reading, just.. essentially taking some down time so my mind stops racing and it has.

However, there is a point to this post. That point my favoritest pervs, is Lady Di. Lady Di was married to my uncle. As of Tuesday he decided they were done. Yeah. I am not impressed. He's always had his head up his ass, but she seemed to have straightened him out and bit to the point he actually had his life going well for the first time in over 40 years. Well, he fucked up, and he fucked up huge. Instead of sticking around and dealing with it he has been dodging her. He decided to do her the favor of leaving while he sorted himself out.  But instead of going "Ya know, I fucked up. I need to clean my act up and fix this." He went with "Gee, i fucked up and really don't want to deal with it. So instead of manning up and dealing with my issues I'm going to run and hide and leave the only person that has ever believed in me, gone out of their way to help me, cared about me more than anybody else and invested themselves in me so I don't have to change." And yes, I realize that Cael has essentially done the same thing however Cael does still talk to me, he lets me know what he's doing, how therapy is going and what all he's doing to fix and control his issues. He removed his head from his ass, and seen the problems. My uncle? Not so much, it is so far up there it's back out the other fucking side so he doesn't see it. He did shit all on his own without a word to her so she was in the dark. Then things started not adding up when we'd all talk. But she stayed, she loves him even though he has screwed her over several ways. I'm a little pissed honestly. So as far as I'm concerned he can go ahead and divorce her. I'm losing an uncle, not an aunt which in all honesty was years coming. This was just the last straw. And this? Is actually calm. I ranted so hard the other day I had Lady Di in tears she was laughing so hard. Apparently I get funny when I'm pissed and wanting to rip his only remaining nut off.

But, since I am still seeing Lady Di we are having a movie night friday and I am so excited. I love movie nights with her. We feed off of each other.. hard. Add alcohol and kids movies and it's a wicked combination. It's like Sephi and I x 50.

She has been taking a belly dancing class lately. I know some of you are thinking "Oh serene, did she ask you to do it with her? Oh that would be awesome and hilarious!" And yeah, it would be. It already is with just her and her sister in law. Adding me would just make it worse. But no. She didn't ask me to join. That class.  No, no. She wants me to do a class with her in fall. It's a burlesque class. I'd get to use a cane. I am intrigued. Oh, yes it will be hilarious. I will fall off chairs.. strangle myself with the boa and generally make an asshole out of myself but that's what the two of them are doing in the belly dancing class as well sooo... I'm considering it depending on the price of the class. You should all be scared. Very, very scared. So if you live in my area and are taking that class and see a group of women in the back of the room cackling and generally just heckling one another as they go.. stand back. That's all I'm saying. Three accident prone people, with little grace and very little athleticism in a dance class. Just, just stay back.

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