Friday, June 22, 2012

Skinny Dipping Assistance

Today is a sad, sad day. Today I am reviewing the last piece of a care package I was sent by I held out on review this item for a very specific reason: I wanted it to be warm outside. Why you ask? Well let me tell you.

This toy is technically a tub toy. It floats, and changes colors to light up the room and vibrates. Now, I've used this in the tub and it's awesome. It gives off nice soft, romantic flattering light in alternating colors in pink, green, blue and a yellow-orange. This? Is the Luminescence floating mood light massager by Cal Exotics. The light bounces off the walls of the tub as well as the walls of the room so it creates a really calm affect. The vibrations of this toy are strong and constant and not too buzzy.

I did however notice that in a metal tub it reverberated the sound. A lot. In a plastic tub however it didn't do that at all. So if noise is a factor for you, that's something to consider.

Now, why did I wait for it to be warm? Baths can be taken any time of year right? Well. Yes. However, this thing? Would make a kick ass accomplice to skinny dipping in the pool at night. It would give you enough light to see your partner or what you're doing and it's an impromptu sex toy "IF" things take that turn.  I absolutely love the versatility of this toy! I actually have it tucked safely away just so that I can do the skinny dipping thing. So, go out and grab one of these  take over the pool tonight!

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