Saturday, June 16, 2012

*Sucks Front Teeth*

Quite honestly that's the kind of day I'm having. It's just a lonely, bored, meh kind of day. Last night Lady Di came out and we had our movie night. It was fun, and we talked and it was just a nice break. We talked about going to a movie and dinner today but she ended up deciding to go out to her parents house to help build a deck or fence or something. So I'm hoping we can do it next weekend or even sometime during the week.  I also plan on doing a BBQ with her, her brother and her sister in law. They're awesome and hilarious and it just seems like it would be a lot of fun.. and a good break. I'm into breaks from reality lately.

I went out and checked my garden yesterday. It is doing awesome considering I didn't expect anything to grow. I have a ton of lettuce sprouting, some green onion grass/sprouts and even my cucumbers are starting to give me little leaves coming up through the dirt, not to mention my 13 tomato plants are all flowering. Yes. 13. Any other year I haven't gotten a damn thing so I got that many thinking at least ONE of them should give me a single tomato (which would be more than I've ever gotten) Yeah. All flowering. Should be interesting. On top of the fact I have kittens in my garden. No really. I seen a little paw print a week or so ago in it and this morning I went out to water and seen a momma (one that was a stray and liked playing on our deck last year) that had two little grey kittens following her around. They're living beside the neighbors garage. And no. I'm not telling them. As long as they leave my garden alone and don't eat anything we can coexist peacefully. I have an animal soft spot, especially for strays so quite honestly if they picked on one plant and left the rest I'd be fine. And it does happen, it sounds weird but cats do eat veggies. Mine does. Freaks right out whenever I bring in herbs, celery or lettuce to the house. *shakes head*   Oh! Speaking of herbs I bought a little thing of basil. I'm going to need more but it was half price because the hail got it but it's fine so I grabbed it while I could. The one stalk is fucking huge. I'm excited. I love veggies and herbs, it's healthy and it gives me something to do.

I'm hoping to be able to finish the new deck off soon. It's built but I plan to surround it with trees for a wind break, get some chairs and a propane fire pit (allergies) for down there.  I think reading down there would be ridiculously peaceful. I've spent most of my days lately sitting on the upper deck reading to begin with. I think I've gone through 7 or 8 books in just over a week. I also finally got some words down on the page for a story. First time in years I've actually had a start to a story.

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